Donald Trump an Albatross around the Republican Party

October 25, 2021

donald trump is an albatross

Donald Trump is an albatross around the Republican Party’s neck whether he runs or not

Former President Donald Trump will be a big problem for the Republican Party if he does not run again in 2024.

This is the idea being pushed by David Jolly, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida.

The politician, who was defeated by Democrat Charlie Crist in 2016, made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC Sunday with Alex Witt.

Former Congressman David Jolly says Donald Trump will hurt the Republican nominee in 2024 if he does not run

The discussion was initially centered around a poll from Grinnell and Seltzer & Company that found President Joe Biden and Mr. Trump tied at 40 percent in a potential matchup. The survey was published on Wednesday.

For Jolly, if Trump says no to a run, he will not do this in a gracious fashion. He will blame a rigged system that will not allow Republicans to win.

By doing this, conservative voters, the core of his base, will not participate in the process.

There is some truth to this argument.

According to many experts, Trump’s singular focus on election fraud after losing in 2020 has prevented Republicans from keeping two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia.

Despite this debacle, the real estate mogul has continued to push the same argument. For the former reality TV star, politics and personal grievances always work together.

Jolly, who left the right-leaning party in 2016, claims Trump would be an underdog against Biden in 2024 despite the current president’s polling problems.

Donald Trump an Albatross

President Joe Biden is likely to be in a stronger position in three years

The former lobbyist expects the Democratic politician to recover in time for a likely reelection campaign. Moreover, Trump has lost the popular vote twice.

The controversial populist has never been able to broaden his appeal. His general message has remained the same in the past four years.

This is something the Democratic Party is likely to try to capitalize on if he is the Republican nominee, especially after the January 6 attack on the U..S. Capitol.

Biden and Democrats are expected to lose the House and maybe the Senate. This will change the president’s standing in Washington.

It will allow him to be the “adult in the room” against fringe political ideas.

This is a better position than the current one, where he is in charge of pushing pricey new programs while Americans deal with rising gas prices and inflation.

Moreover, despite his troubles, Biden leads Trump by two points at 42 in a poll from Redfield & Wilton Strategies released on Thursday.

Donald Trump an Albatross

Another run is potentially bad for Trump’s brand

While Trump has not indicated if he will run in 2024, many reports suggest that he is leaning towards another bid. However, as a political figure, he is known for being unconventional.

He may well decide at the last minute not to run. This will help him keep an active profile for another two years while avoiding a potentially embarrassing new loss against Biden.

Some experts have suggested that Mr. Biden is more likely to run again if Trump throws his hat in the ring. While Trump has a loyal base, he comes with a lot of baggage.

A few in the Republican Party believe that they would be better off with someone like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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