March 2, 2021


Four female empowerment workers were gunned down in Pakistan in a domestic attack. The women were murdered in Peshawar, which is a violent area of Pakistan. Peshawar is a former Taliban location, so it’s still an unstable area of the country.

The Details of the Attack

Local Pakistan police revealed the details of the attack in Pakistan that took place on Monday. Four women were hired by the Bravo College of Technology in Peshawar to run empowerment workshops for women in the area.

The exact duty of the team was to help local women gain professional skills such as sewing. These workshops were the idea of Fayaz Khan, the chief executive of the Bravo College of Technology.

Khan made it clear that the women were doing tremendous things for the local community. They were helping the poor gain skills, but they were targeted because of their sex.

The domestic attack in Peshawar was planned, and it occurred on the women’s commute to the Bravo College of Technology. The women were attacked in an abandoned town near Mirali in North Waziristan.

North Waziristan is positioned on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This area was a mainstay for countless insurgence forces, including Al Qaeda. Local officials claim that the site was cleared of all insurgent forces since 2014, but domestic terror is still occurring in this area of the country.

Usually, terror groups will come out and claim responsibility for local attacks to send a message and strike fear in the locals. However, this is not the case at this point of the investigative process.

Increased Taliban Attacks

The area of Peshawar has become very deadly in the past few months. Peshawar is a conservative area where insurgent values are still prominent. There has been an increase in the number of terror activities in Peshawar over the last few months.

The spike in violence has caused locals to fear that the insurgency is reforming through underground operations in the city. Security has been heightened, but there are still evident problems in Pakistan.

The Pakistani Taliban, also known as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, is the terrorist group that has committed the attacks. They are separate from the Taliban in Afghanistan, but they share a similar ideology.

Pakistani Taliban on the Rise

It’s believed that the Pakistani Taliban could be at the center of this domestic attack. When the Pakistani Taliban was more prominent, they did not allow females to attend school or work. Additionally, this terror group did not allow non-profits to operate in parts of the country where they ruled.

Women charity workers are at risk in domestic attack in Pakistan because of the conservative believes and underground insurgency groups. This is not the first time when someone was attacked because they were trying to help females in the area.

In 2012, Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai was severely wounded from multiple gunshots because of her effort to educate young girls in the area. The Pakistani Taliban were responsible for this shooting.

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