December 16, 2020

Dianne Feinstein health decline

When you talk about influential women in American politics, you need to have Dianne Feinstein as part of the conversation. The Democratic Senator has long been seen as a “trailblazer in Washington,” and was, up until very recently, the head of the Judiciary Committee.

There are concerns about Feinstein’s mental health in the latest political news; with episodes in public and private raising some genuine concerns; leading some in senate to believe that it may be time for her to step down.

One of the more recent public incidents saw the senator ask Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey the same question back to back. Rumors out of the senate are that her short-term memory has now deteriorated to the point where Senator Feinstein cannot always remember whether or not she has been briefed on a specific topic.

Senate sources claim that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has had some heart to heart talks with Feinstein; but that she seemed to forget about those conversations shortly after they had taken place.

Former aides to the senator are suggesting that the rumors of her mental decline have been exaggerated.

Some have even gone as far as to suggest that she is not being held to the same standard as former male senators; many of whom were allowed to retain their position in the face of declining mental health.

Following the confirmation for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett; Feinstein, who was criticized for her handling of the event, stepped down from the Judiciary Committee. In the weeks since her giving up her position, the Democrats have reportedly pushed for rule changes that would allow Sen.

Dick Durbin to take over as head of the Judiciary Committee. Previously, it was believed that Sen. Sheldon Durbin wanted the position, but that no longer looks to be guaranteed.

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