Democrats worry Afghan exit may impact next 2022 Elections

August 26, 2021

Democrats worry Afghan exit may impact next 2022 Elections

There have been many complaints about how the White House and President Biden have handled the situation in Afghanistan. This has caused his approval rating to plummet to its lowest point since he took office. Democrats, who have been faltering since Biden took office, are concerned that the Afghanistan situation will impact the next 2022 elections.

The United States military pushed the Taliban to the border of Afghanistan and into other nations. The Pentagon predicted that it would take the Taliban a month to consume the nation, but they took control in two weeks.

They have a valid reason to believe this unless President Biden handles the problem swiftly in the coming weeks to help his approval rating rise.

Democrats are Worried

All sides of the political spectrum have criticized President Biden. There have been Democrats that turned against the leader because they believe it will help their chances of reelection. However, a divided Democratic party will not be beneficial for the party when it comes to the elections.

President Biden clearly underestimated the strength of the Taliban, and it has hurt the entire nation. Once the insurgency took over Kabul, the United States had no chance to recover without deploying more forces into the nation.

The Taliban has promised peace, but videos have surfaced that show this is far from the truth. According to USA Today, Biden has a 41% approval rating and a 55% disapproval rating for the 2022 Elections.

This is a massive drop from his average since taking office. Biden has frequently received ratings in the mid-50s since he became the President. The majority of Democrats are supporting the President, as 87% of the group still supports his actions.

However, his approval rating amongst independents is just 32%, which is the group the party needs to win in the midterm elections.

New Hampshire

The battleground states determine how a candidate is handling their duties as President. In New Hampshire, a key state in every presidential election, Biden’s support has fallen since the Taliban swept Kabul.

Last month, Biden’s approval rating was 50%, and his disapproval rating was 49%. This has now flipped to 44% approval and 54% disapproval, and his stats are even worse for foreign policy.

When voters are asked about Biden’s foreign policy actions, he has a 36% approval rating and 60% disapproval rating. Things could not be worse for the President and his party at this time. He needs to take massive action that helps Afghanistan for the nation to improve.

Suffolk Political Research Center director David Paleologos spoke to FOX News about the study. He said, “President Biden’s overall approval has taken a turn for the worse due to his awful job performance rating on Afghanistan. His approval on immigration and the economy are also upside down. The only issue keeping him remotely in the game is his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, where he is barely at 50%.”

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