January 12, 2021

House Democrats Consider Impeachment of President Trump

Political News – House Democrats Consider Impeachment of President Trump

While certainly not as dramatic as the events at the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon; the aftermath of the attack is all about what might happen in the final couple of weeks of the Trump presidency. Trump; took to Twitter on Thursday to post a video stating that he was now committed to a peaceful transfer of power; with the Biden inauguration set for Jan. 20. That, though; is not enough for some, especially the House Democrats, who may be set to vote on a speedy impeachment process.

At this time; members of the House are waiting to see of Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet the steps to invoke the 25th Amendment; and have President Trump removed from office. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; has made it clear that the impeachment process will begin if Pence and the Cabinet do not move to remove Trump.

Pelosi and other members of her team held a meeting on Thursday night to discuss whether or not; a quick impeachment vote was feasible. Several sources have indicated that everyone seemed to be very much on board with moving forward with impeachment; sending the ball very clearly back into the court of Pence and the Cabinet.

What Happens Now?

At this point, there is no indication whether the Vice President is even considering the 25th Amendment; or if he has the support of Cabinet even if he wanted to go that route. While some prominent Republicans have spoken out against Trump and asked for action; there are still serious doubts as to whether those still loyal to the President would back such action.

If the Democrats do decide to push an impeachment vote through the House quickly; they would still need to have it pass in the Senate, too, which is certainly not guaranteed. There are a couple of issues to consider here. The first of those is again whether Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, would support impeachment. While McConnell and the President have a fractured relationship; there is not guarantee that the Senate Majority Leader would even put a vote for impeachment on the floor before Trumps time in office comes to an end.

President-elect Biden does not appear to be on board with impeachment; as he is of the belief that it will do nothing to help unite what is a truly divided nation. This is political news that we are going to be following closely in the next couple of weeks.

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