February 11, 2021


If you don’t know who Alexei Navalny is currently, that could change in the near future. Navalny has tried to dethrone Russian President Vladimir Putin in multiple ways over the past 10 years.

He has emerged as the greatest challenge to Putin’s reign of power.

Navalny’s Past

Over the past decade, Navalny has tried to expose the corruption that’s taking place inside the Russian government. He is an anti-corruption leader who has tens of thousands of supporters in the country.

Navalny has tried to take Putin’s job through a variety of actions. He has garnered a presence on social media, he has led multiple rallies, and he even ran against Putin in the country’s presidential election.

None of these means worked for Navalny in his goal to dethrone Putin. However, he put the current administration on watch.

The Attempted Assassination of Navalny

Navalny has the ability to captivate people who are looking for change in Russia. Putin doesn’t acknowledge Navalny, but he does know about the leader of the opposition.

It’s believed that Putin recently tried to have Navalny assassinated. He survived the assassination attempt, but he has now returned with a vengeance. In addition to this hunger to overthrow Putin, he has rallied more supporters than ever before.

Many Russians have been taking to the streets to protest the actions of the country’s leader. This is the first time that there is a reasonable threat to Putin’s presidency.

Russian security leaders tried to assassinate Navalny with a toxic nerve ending implanted in his underwear. Only Putin had the ability to authorize this operation.

Navalny barely survived. He was in a coma for five months recovering in Germany.

Russian officials outlawed Navalny from returning to the country, but he didn’t listen. He is still on a mission to lead the Russian insurgence.

Navalny was captured and imprisoned when he returned to the country from Germany. He will face a trial in February, which could cause him to be jailed for life.

Jail Hasn’t Silenced Navalny

It seems like Navalny’s mission is to dethrone Putin, even if that means life in prison or death. Navalny’s team released a two-hour video that revealed Putin’s secret billion-dollar estate with an underground ice rink, a hookah bar, and a stripper pole-laden stage. The video has received over 100 million views.

This video caused Russia to erupt in disgust. The country’s citizens are economically failing, so this video wasn’t met with joy by people throughout Russia. On Jan. 23, riots occurred in over 100 cities throughout the country.

The temperature was -60 degrees Fahrenheit, but people still flocked to the streets to protest. Some of these rallies turned violent.

These rallies have caused other leaders from around the world to ask Putin to release Navalny. President Joe Biden is one of the leaders that contacted Putin this week on Navalny’s behalf.

Putin has also had to answer countless questions about his palace. This has just continued to incite violence in the state. It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the coming weeks as Navalny’s trial begins next month.

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