California Governor Recall Election With Odds

August 24, 2021

California Governor Recall Election With Odds

The California Governor Recall Election will happen on September 14 because the opponents of the incumbent Gavin Newsome collected enough signatures. This is only the fourth gubernatorial recall election in United States history. If a majority of Californians vote against Newsome, he will be removed from office.

There are seven candidates listed on Jazz Sportsbook, but only two have a realistic chance of winning out of this group. It only takes a plurality to win, meaning the most votes, so there is a chance Newsome is removed.

Hatred towards Newsome has declined since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although, the fact that opponents collected enough signatures against the incumbent show that there may be a new California governor soon.

California Governor Recall Election Odds

Gavin Newsome (-400)

Californians criticized Gavin Newsome for allowing California to fall apart during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was elected as the 40th governor of California in 2018 and began serving in January of 2019. He is listed at -400 because there have not been many recall elections in the United States history. But, do not view him as a strong favorite.

In recall elections, the incumbents always have an advantage. Nevertheless, do not go all-in on Newsome because there is little betting value. His approval rating dropped during the pandemic because of his harsh rules and slow vaccine rollout.

Newsome also broke his own rules during the COVID-19 pandemic, which did not help his cause to remain governor.

Larry Elder (+375)

The odds from Jazz Sportsbook display that this is a two-candidate race between Newsome and Larry Elder. Elder’s chances have risen drastically in the past few weeks as the recall election approaches.

He was born in Los Angeles, California, and received his JD at the University of Michigan. Then, he quickly returned to Los Angeles to work in media. He worked in radio from 1993 until 2008 and is also a contributor for Fox News.

Elder is representing the Republican party, and he has a valid chance of winning in September. For California to go right, it would show that Newsome really handled the pandemic poorly. If Elder wins, it proves California is ready for change.

Kevin Paffrath (+800)

Kevin Paffrath is a Democrat looking to be the next governor of California. Paffrath is +800 to win on Jazz Sports, but he is a long shot. The candidate received his bachelor’s degree from UCLA in 2014, but he has never served in politics.

If Paffrath wants to go into politics in the future, he has a promising career ahead. Many people in California have taken a liking to the youngster. Nevertheless, he does not have the support to dethrone Newsome.

Other Candidates

The other candidates listed on Jazz Sportsbook are Kevin Faulconer (+4000), who is fourth on the list. After him, there are Caitlyn Jenner, John Cox, and Kevin Kiley, who are all listed at +5000. If you correctly bet on a write-in candidate, your risk will be based on +7500 odds. None of these candidates have a realistic chance of winning based on projections of Newsome and Elder.

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