November 13, 2020


British Politics: The ongoing election turmoil in the United States isn’t the only thing raising eyebrows around the world. The arrival of a “second wave” of COVID-19 infections in Europe has effectively turned the clock several months back and many states have chosen to re-enact severe lockdown measures, adding to the many pressures already weighing down on many of the world’s top economies.

And while America deals with Trump’s electoral fraud claims and the portents of political instability looming seductively in the horizon, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also dealing with some drama of his own: Lee Cain, one of Johnson’s top aides and Director of Communications put in his resignation letter on Wednesday, throwing extra fuel to the long-standing speculations of a troubled and chaotic environment pervading the walls at No.10.

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British Politics: Big Mess or Big Reshuffle?

Cain (39yo) who was seen walking in Downing Street on Thursday morning as usual, had been one of the Tory PM’s strongest and most loyal allies. He had worked extensively in printed media during the early 2000s, with temporary gigs at local newspapers like the bombastic The Sun, the Daily Mirror and the Mail on Sunday, he then became an active member of the communications team of the “Leave Campaign” –as in leaving the European Union, that is for the less savvy in European affairs-, eventually becoming a Foreign Office’ special advisor for Johnson.

The news of Cain’s resignation comes as a cold “splash” of icy water in the face of UK tories, as the aide had held a strong relationship over the years with both Boris Johnson and his top aide Dominic Cummings. According to the information by the BBC politics news media, the former comms director will be stepping down in exactly one-month time, to be replaced by James Slack, an experienced journalist and current spokesperson for the Prime Minister.

The question remains: Will this become a point of implosion for Johnson’s team? Or will this allow for a much needed “reset” of his personable assets?

Only time will be able to tell, but either way it ends up going, Boris and Co. will need all the best possible keys to counter the stresses of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom, which looks nowhere near its natural end.

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