April 29, 2021


Boris Johnson and another scandal! The Prime Minister is now under an immense level of criticism following his actions with COVID-19 as of late. He is not under investigation for his COVID-19 plan, but this could be coming in the future.

Johnsons is the target of an investigation for the funding of renovations to his apartment on Downing Street in London. The political scandals that Prime Minister Johnson has dealt with in the past year are continuing to build with these apartment renovations.

Reasonable Grounds

The United Kingdom Electoral Commission said that there are reasonable grounds to believe that Johnson has committed offenses with his apartment renovations. The suspect will be formally investigated because of the data that the Electoral Commission has compiled.

The commission will determine if Boris Johnson needs to face charges in the United Kingdom’s court system after the investigation. How Johnson paid for the upgrades to his property is still unknown. In addition to that, there have been estimates that the restorations have cost $280,000.

Prime ministers are given money every year to upgrade their properties, but the compensation is not even close to what Boris spent. The allotted money is $41,000 for living upgrades. So, Johnson has been the subject of scrutiny for spending nearly seven times the given amount.

The apartment investigation is coming at a time where Johnson has been criticized for unethical political behavior.

Where did the Money Come From?

Boris Johnson did not spend his own money to upgrade his apartment. Johnson is worth $4 million, but he has not given any evidence proving how he paid for the living enhancements.

Johnson’s former Chief Advisor Dominic Cummings has indicated where the Prime Minister received the money. Cummings published a blog post saying that Conservative Party donors in the UK donated to Johnson.

Donations can be used for living upgrades, but it does not appear like Johnson got the financial gifts cleared. The Electoral Commission needs to clear all political contributions over $10,400 to ensure no legal violations.

The commission investigating Johnson showed that they started construction on Downing Street before approval of money. The commission tightly controls political donations, so if Boris broke this rule, he could face significant charges.

Johnson Scandal – The Dominant Topic in British Media

Johnson’s apartment has been the talk of the British media publications over the past few days. The allegations against the Prime Minister are continuing to build.

The investigation for the apartment upgrades could lead to other scandals that Johnson has been involved in over the past year. The most significant accusation that Johnson is facing involves the COVID-19 pandemic.

He refused to lockdown the United Kingdom for a second time, which caused an extensive number of deaths in the country. Johnson did this to maintain his popularity, but his fellow politicians have questioned his decision and his overall handling of the pandemic.

Boris Johnson is giving the opposition party leader Keir Starmer a lot of ammunition to try to remove the incumbent from office. Johnson’s actions could be ground to remove him from power, even though, there are no term limits for prime ministers.

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