Boris Johnson pledges support for Israel

October 2, 2021

Boris Johnson supports Israel

Boris Johnson supports Israel: Labour Party continues to search for its voice

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a huge supporter of Israel, and he intends to keep things that way for a very long time. The politician was pleased to reaffirm his support for the Middle Eastern democracy in a letter to Informed magazine.

Boris Johnson keeps building stronger ties with Israel

The publication is backed by Conservative Friends of Israel, a parliamentary group and association linked to Mr. Johnson’s Conservative Party.

The main goal of this entity is for the bond between the United Kingdom and Israel to remain strong at all times. Johnson describes his support for Israel as “unflinching.”

He also reminds critics that the country has the right to defend itself against aggressions of all kinds. Johnson then took the opportunity to praise the Abraham Accords as a model for the region.

Johnson praises Abraham Accords

In 2020, several Arab countries opted to normalize their relationship with Israel. Then-U.S President Donald Trump pushed the Abraham Accords, and they proved that peace is possible and some Arab nations can work with the Jewish State. The agreements also show that a form of realignment is underway.

Trump’s successor, President Joe Biden, has signaled that he intends to build on last year’s progress. However, some hardliners in the region have blamed Biden for not investing enough time on the issue.

Biden was known as an expert in foreign policy when he was a senator, but he seems more interested in solving domestic problems as president. His first real foray was the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan. The operation was criticized for its chaotic nature.

Johnson’s support for the Abraham Accords makes sense because they strengthen

Israel’s position in the region. The different agreements with Arab nations also weaken Israel’s chief rival, Iran, which is more isolated than ever before

Israel is looking for new Arab partners for peace

Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is said to be working hard to expand the normalization agreements and hopes to find new Arab partners. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Tunisia are involved in a new wave of negotiations.

Bennet had alluded to this possibility in a speech at the United Nations last week. Israel marked the first anniversary of the signing of the Abraham Accords on September 15. Johnson also said in his letter that Israel and Palestine could also move toward peace. He highlighted the collaboration between Israeli and Palestinian firefighters who worked together to battle fire near Jerusalem in August. Things are improving slightly when it comes to Israel and the Palestinian Authority

Johnson looks to Israel as Labour Party is still cleaning up

The British leader concluded by saying that his country’s relationship with Israel is only getting stronger. The two nations collaborated during the coronavirus pandemic, and Johnson is very grateful for this.

He believes that more can still be accomplished in areas like technology and climate change. Johnson’s attention to Israel also has ramifications for his standing in the U.K.

In recent years, the Labour Party has been seen as a bastion of antisemitic feelings, and despite a change in leadership, it might take years to repair the damage that was done.

With this latest move, Johnson is just cementing, even more, the ties with Israel. This could benefit his Conservative Party in the long run.

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