March 17, 2021


On Tuesday, a significant announcement came out of Israel that grabbed the attention of the world. Israeli archaeologists declared that they had discovered dozens of pieces from Dead Sea Scrolls that included biblical text.

They were found in a cave in Jerusalem. It’s believed that people in Jerusalem hid the fragments in the cave during the Jewish revolt against Rome that took place 1,900 years ago.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The pieces of the scroll were filled with different text styles after the archaeologists observed them. They found Greek language from the books of Zechariah and Nahum. These texts have been dated back to the 1st Century because of how the words were written on the scrolls.

These scrolls are significant because this is the first finding in this area of Israel in six decades. The last Dead Sea scrolls found in the desert caves in the southern portion of Jerusalem were located in the forties and fifties.

They were believed to go back from the 3rd Century B.C to the 1st Century A.D. The Dead Sea scrolls that were recently founded build off the findings that were acquired 60 years ago. These scrolls include the earliest outlines of the Jewish faith that are still unknown to many religious experts in the world today.

This is because of the lack of information that researchers have acquired from the 3rd Century B.C. in recent years.

The Cave of Horror

There were 80 pieces found in the desert caves in southern Jerusalem. The fragments together make up parts of multiple complete pages of documents. The cave where the latest Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered is named the “Cave of Horror.”

In the sixties, 40 skeletons were found on the site, making scientists give the cave this nickname. The cave is located 25 miles south of the middle of Jerusalem.

The News Conference

Leadership in Israel held a news conference on Tuesday to announce the findings. They reported that the fragments are believed to be part of a hidden scroll during the Bar Kochba Revolt.

The Bar Kochba Revolt was a battle by Israelites to end the Roman Emperor Hadrian’s reign from 132 to 136 A.D. There have been other artifacts in the region that indicate the period when the Jewish people were hiding their possessions to keep them safe from the Roman Empire.

The Israelis have founded a lot of exciting things in the area in their time doing excavations. They have found mummified skeletons, woven baskets, and organic material that have been preserved. However, the latest discovery was so significant because archaeologists have not found scroll fragments since 1961.

There have been scrolls sold on the black market by people who have gone into the caves and found historical items. Although, this is considered a crime in Israeli law because of the historical significance of the area.

In the past few years, Israeli researchers have been heavily searching the caves to find artifacts before others can discover and resell. With the detection of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the archaeologists defeated the plunderers, which gave them a reason to be ecstatic.

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