December 31, 2020

Andrew Yang

Political News – Andrew Yang Files to Run for NYC Mayor

After a failed run for the Democratic Party nomination earlier this year; it appears as though former presidential candidate Andrew Yang now has his sights set on the mayor’s office; in New York City. Yang, 45, filed paperwork that would allow him to run for mayor in the 2021 election in NYC.

A recently released list of candidates for the 2021 election from the New York City Campaign Finance Board included Yang’s name. This is sure to come as a surprise to many; as Yang said he would not run for mayor in New York shortly after dropping out of the presidential race. The former tech executive has spent his time since then acting as a political analyst on CNN.

The latest news now suggests a change of heart for Yang.

The 25-year resident of New York City; as he will join a rather lengthy list of candidates looking for the mayor’s job in The Big Apple. It will not be an easy job for the eventual winner, as New York City is one of the most affected by the pandemic; with budget issues and growing poverty concerns just some of the problems that the new mayor will need to tackle.

Yang entered the presidential race as a political unknown, but he quickly endeared himself to Democrats on the campaign trail. He also picked up a strong following, known as the “Yang Gang;” who helped boost his election coffers to the tune of around $40 million. Given that he now has a solid base; he needs to be considered a serious candidate as he looks to fill the chair that will be left open when Mayor Bill DeBlasio is forced to step down; due to term limits, in 2021.

After stepping aside from the presidential race, Yang founded a nonprofit organization called Humanity Forward. The organization was founded to help test some of the ideas floated during his campaign, including Universal Basic Income. It is certainly big political news if he does make a push for mayor in NYC.

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