February 18, 2021


Americans divided on Trump impeachment which is now just a matter of days away; with the Senate set to commence proceedings on Feb. 9. Democrats move quickly to get the trial to the Senate Floor after the Jan. 6 events at the Capitol, charging the former President with inciting an insurrection. The House voted to pass the single act of impeachment to the Senate on Ja. 13; but the start of the trial was pushed back a little to allow for other orders of business to take place, as well as to give lawyers time to prepare.

At this time, we have a rather good idea of how divided both parties are on the subject of the impeachment; but a new poll by AP-NORC suggests that the divide may well be carrying over into the American people. While the majority are of the opinion that Trump played at least some role in the attack on the Capitol, they are not quite as sure that his actions warrant an impeachment; which would make political news if it happened.

The poll showed

That roughly two-thirds of Americans believe that Trump played at least some role in the attack on the Capitol; but only around 47% of that group believe that the former President should be convicted at the impeachment trial. Regardless of what the public believes about the outcome of the trial; the reality is that the Democrats are going to have an almost impossible time getting the number they need to secure the conviction.

It is probably not that surprising to learn that opinions very much fall along party lines. Roughly 8 in 10 Democrats believe that a conviction would be the correct decision; while only about 10 of Republicans agree with that assessment.

Impeachment aside, the poll also showed that Americans are also divided on the legitimacy of the election. Again; two-thirds believe that the Biden win was fair, but among those who do not believe it was, a staggering 65% of Republicans fall on that side. That alone shows you just how trying the next four years and beyond might prove to be for Biden.

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