June 25, 2021


Canadian genocide is becoming apparent as remains are being found throughout the nation’s provinces. A shocking discovery occurred recently at a Saskatchewan residential school site. The unmarked graves of over 751 people have been revealed at the former Marieval Residential School.

These 751 unmarked graves and discoveries of bodies throughout Canadian provinces have exposed the genocide that occurred against indigenous people in Canada. This has caused many Canadian indigenous communities to speak out, including Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Chief Bobby Cameron.

Cameron spoke in a press conference earlier this week after the bodies were revealed. He said, “We are seeing the results of the genocide that Canada committed…genocide on our treaty land. It’s a crime against humanity, an assault on First Nation people.”

Pressure on Politicians

Even though current Canadian lawmakers had nothing to do with the genocide, they are still under a lot of pressure from First Nation people. This is no surprise because First Nation has been pushing laws to commemorate the people who were brutalized in the nation’s history.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave his condolences about the situation and said he was deeply saddened by the discovery. The unidentified burials in Saskatchewan were from the Cowessess First Nation, but he mentioned all indigenous communities throughout the country.

Federal party leaders in Canada have been under pressure to acknowledge the past treatment of indigenous people in the nation. The old residential school system removed indigenous children from their families to take their Indian nature away.

The pressure will continue to mount following the unveiling of the 751 unidentified bodies. This compounds earlier news from May from the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation. This tribe found the remains of 251 children on the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School.

It’s also believed that more unmarked graves are located in Manitoba because of the residential school system in the province. Researchers are attempting to locate these bodies.

Proof of Saskatchewan Genocide

Canadian politicians are hesitant to use the word genocide. However, there have been multiple reports which have indicated the abuse of indigenous people in Canada. Trudeau has alluded to genocide, but the number of times he has used the word has been limited.

In 2019, a study was revealed about a missing indigenous woman who was murdered in the colonial period. This was one of the times when Trudeau acknowledged genocide in the nation.

The report stated, “This genocide has been empowered by colonial structures, evidenced notably by the Indian Act, the Sixties Scoop, residential schools, and breaches of human and Inuit, Métis and First Nations rights, leading directly to the current increased rates of violence, death, and suicide in Indigenous populations.”

The indigenous people in the country want an apology for what happened to their ancestors. Therefore, ongoing tributes are occurring in the country for the lost lives.

Seven hundred fifty-one small flags have been placed around the Marieval Indian Residential School to mark each body. Both adults and children were buried at the school. There is a ten percent margin of error for bodies, but it’s confirmed that at least 600 people were laid to rest in the area.

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