2021 Chile Presidential Elections advance in runoff

November 22, 2021

2021 Chile Presidential Elections advance in runoff

The race to replace embattled Chilean President Sebastián Piñera has delivered a fascinating result on Sunday, in the 2021 Chile Presidential Elections.

Seven candidates were running to succeed Piñera, who could not seek reelection, and not one of them was able to get more than 50 percent of the votes to avoid a runoff.

Jose Antonio Kast and Gabriel Boric leave the other candidates far behind

A divided electorate that has dealt with two years of protests across the country delivered a somewhat surprising outcome.

Jose Antonio Kast, a far-right candidate with a zest for fiscal conservatism, will take on moderate left-wing former student activist Gabriel Boric on December 19.

Kast obtained close to 28 percent of the votes versus 25 for his rival. Franco Parisi, who lives in the United States and did not campaign in the country, still managed to finish third with about 13 percent.

Over 7 million Chileans went to the polls for the first round of the 2021 Chile Presidential Elections. It is expected that more people will vote in the second round.

At a time when Chile is facing a lot of social and economic changes, the presidential election presents itself as a real battle between two men who have very little in common.

Some experts say this is the most extreme presidential election since 1990.

Kast pushes law and order like Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro

Jose Antonio Kast and his Republican Party are running on a message of law and order and lower taxes.

The right-wing candidate has rushed to set the tone of the new campaign.

For the 55-year-old politician, voters have to choose between “liberty and communism.”

Kast also claims to be the only one who can restore peace in the country after years of tension, especially in the south, where indigenous Mapuche protesters are fighting for more autonomy.

Jose Antonio Kast, who is a father of nine, has spoken in positive terms about late dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Moreover, he has pushed tough language about illegal immigration, drawing comparisons to former US President Donald Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

At 35, Boric says he is fighting for a more inclusive future. He wants to invest in education and make a serious effort to address climate change.

The leader of Apruebo Dignidad (CS) says that he is fighting for democracy and justice. The two sides are excited and believe that victory is within reach.

Boric and the left fail to capitalize on President Sebastián Piñera’s messy situation

Piñera is very unpopular, and according to a recent poll, close to 80 percent of the country does not approve of the job he is doing.

Chile has faced two years of social upheaval. With the current political environment, many had expected the right-wing of the country to be decimated.

However, that was not the case, and Mr. Kast is well-positioned to be the next president of the South American nation.

A large portion of the population supported the protests about inequality. However, the ensuing chaos has displeased many, and this helped normalize Kast and his strong message about the rule of law.

The race is going to be tight and could go either way. Candidates, who were eliminated after Sunday’s vote, will have a huge role to play.

Endorsements and realignments might be more crucial this year. The campaign will be intense as the two campaigns are very determined to win.

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