Zelensky pushes for more arms in latest Ukraine-Russia news

June 14, 2022

Zelensky pushes for more arms in latest Ukraine-Russia news

The latest update from Russia’s war in Ukraine paints a very grim picture of a conflict with no end in sight. Of course, there are some hopeful images from Kyiv where Ukrainians are enjoying the summer weather and some degree of freedom. 

However, the rest of the country is not facing the same reality. Moreover, Russia seems to be slowly regaining some momentum in crucial areas. 

The situation is so intense that European countries like Germany are still looking for ways for the sanctions against Moscow to cut deeper. 

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his allies have become experts at finding loopholes to reduce the negative impact of the measures. 

Russia wants Ukrainian fighters in Severodonetsk to surrender 

In the latest show of force, Russia has called on Ukrainian troops fighting in Severodonetsk to surrender and lay down their weapons. For Moscow, resistance in the area is now a futile cause. 

The Russian Ministry of Defense started pushing the new message on Tuesday. Ukrainian forces still maintain control of the Azot chemical plant. 

Russia wants to begin a so-called “humanitarian operation” on Wednesday and bring civilians trapped in Azot to safety. While Ukraine has admitted that Russia is putting a lot of resources to take complete control of the region, it has not indicated if surrender is in the cards. 

Moscow has said in the statement that surrender will guarantee that the lives of the Ukrainian fighters will be saved. 

The statement concluded by pointing out that Russia intends to treat those who stop resisting the same way it handled Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol who surrendered. 

Zelensky wants more clarity from Germany on Russia 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that Germany is doing a “balancing act” when it comes to Russia. 

The Ukrainian leader wants Germany to bring more clarity to the conversation. For Zelensky, some in German leadership are skeptical about Ukraine’s future as a European member. 

Zelensky says this issue is not new and predates current Chancellor Olaf Scholz. While Germany has publicly backed Ukraine and pledged to send heavy weaponry, the delivery has been slow. 

Zelensky praised German citizens who have shown their deep commitment to Ukraine during the invasion. He wants leaders of the country to do the same. 

Germany blames training for the late delivery of the weapons. In the meantime, the European nation is also pushing a new wave of sanctions against Russian oligarchs. 

Zelensky urges allies to send more heavy weapons 

The Ukrainian president says there is only one way his country can resist the Russian invasion. He claims that Ukraine needs more heavy weaponry to take the fight to Russian forces. 

His appeal for more arms does not stop with Germany. NATO states will cover the situation in Ukraine at the Madrid summit in late June. 

That is why Zelensky is hoping to get his message out there before it even begins. For the former comedian, defending the Donbas region is a top priority. 

He believes if Russia wins there, it will move elsewhere. Zelensky calls the fight in Donbas one of the most violent ones in European history. 

NATO nations have pledged their full support for Ukraine. However, it is not clear if this will be enough to triumph over Putin’s forces. 

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