July 11, 2021


There have been a variety of wildfires across Canada and the United States because of destructive heat waves. A heat dome in the Pacific Northwest was the instigator for many of the wildfires. However, extreme heat throughout both countries has continued, and it has caused numerous wildfires.

Here are some updates from Canada and the United States.

Canada broke heat records over the past couple of weeks.

This has resulted in countless wildfires throughout the nation, especially in the western provinces. Emergency responders have battled over 180 wildfires because of the heatwave.

The fires have not directly caused any casualties. Nevertheless, there have been hundreds of deaths from the heat. According to British Columbia Wildfire Service’s dashboard, lightning strikes caused seventy percent of the fires.

Between June 30 and July 1, there were over 700,000 lightning strikes in the province. The strikes combined with the heat have devastated the area. The wildfires will probably continue throughout the summer because of the extreme heat.  

Lytton is one area in Canada that the wildfires have destroyed. Wildfires ripping through the nation turned over 90% of the town to ash.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that federal aid would be sent to the village to help rebuild efficiently. The death toll throughout Canada is creeping towards 1,000 deaths, and if relief does not occur shortly, it will exceed this number.

The temperature has continued to propel the conversation regarding global warming. The United States and Canada will closely work together on preventative measures for the future.

Wildfires in the United States

The wildfires have destroyed the Pacific Northwest and western portions of the United States. In addition to that, two firefighters died on Saturday in Arizona in a plane crash into the woods.

They were conducting aerial reconnaissance over the Cedar Basin Fire near the Prescott National Forest. The Bureau of Land Management released a statement following the crash.

“Our hearts are heavy tonight with sincere condolences to families, loved ones, and firefighters affected by this tragic aviation accident that occurred today in Arizona on the #CedarBasinFire.”

It’s disturbing to admit, but there will likely be more deaths from the fires in the United States. The Bootleg Fire in southern Oregon doubled in size on Saturday to 77,000 acres. The fire in the Fremont-Winema National Forest disturbed three electrical lines that transfer power between OR and CA.

California lost thousands of megawatts of power. That caused air conditioning machines to be disrupted in the state. With temperatures in triple digits, this was very uncomfortable for thousands in California.

Governor Newsome, who has been the center of scrutiny for his handling of COVID-19, signed an executive order on Saturday to free additional power from grids throughout the state. The largest fire in California is the Beckwourth Complex Fire which is 45 miles north of Lake Tahoe.

It has a size of 60,000 acres, and the fire has shown no signs of slowing down. There were 1,800 people assigned to the fire during the heat advisory. Many of these volunteers are still out combatting the fires throughout the state.

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