February 11, 2021


Australia has had a lot of success containing COVID-19. The country has a population that’s just under 28 million people, and there have been 28,811 cases in the country that have resulted in 909 deaths. Western Australia has been even more effective in combating the COVID-19 pandemic than the rest of the country, but a recent case caused extreme measures to go into place.

The State of COVID-19 In Western Australia

The southeastern region of the country has experienced the most COVID-19 cases in Australia. Western Australia has experienced limited cases of COVID-19 cases since the pandemic hit the country.

Western Australia has only recorded 902 coronavirus cases. Over 800 of these cases were from international travelers, so only 100 cases have been locally spread. There are currently 12 active cases in Western Australia, according to the state’s health department.

One COVID-19 Case Shocks Western Australia

The current number of COVID-19 cases in Western Australia demonstrates that that portion of the country has done an amazing job limiting the spread of the virus. This could be due to the tremendous measures that Western Australia has taken to stop COVID-19.

On Sunday, parts of Western Australia went into a five-day lockdown because a hotel security guard in the area tested positive for COVID-19. The hotel was in the Perth metropolitan area, so this has caused quite the uproar.

The Perth metropolitan area and the Peel and South West regions are under a strict lockdown. This area encompasses over two million people. The lockdown is mandatory for all people in the region for five straight days.

The Details of the Lockdown

Western Australia isn’t taking any chances, even though only one confirmed COVID-19 infection occurred in Perth. Schools, non-essential businesses, entertainment venues, and houses of worship are all closed for the entire week.

Two million area residents must stay inside their homes with few exceptions. People under lockdown can only leave for essential shopping, medical appointments, exercise, or jobs that can’t be done in a remote setting.

The Details of the Single COVID-19 Case

The security officer infected with the virus was a man in his 20s who worked at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel. The Sheraton was being used as a quarantine facility for people who needed to be under lockdown.

There were people with four active cases at the hotel before the security guard tested positive. Two of the people had the UK strain, while the other two had the South African strain. Both of these strains are believed to be more contagious than the original strain.

The contagious strains in the hotel were a major impetus that led to extreme lockdown orders. People who were in close contact with the security guard or visited a specified list of venues are required to quarantine for 14 days.

Western Australia should know more by the end of the week if this single case caused a spike in total cases throughout the area. This lockdown is extreme, but it’s hard to judge Western Australian health officials after their success limiting COVID-19.

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