UN Meeting: US and Russia clash over Ukraine conflict

February 1, 2022

UN meeting: US and Russia clash over Ukraine conflict

The United States and Russia took their disagreement over the deployment of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine to the United Nations Security Council (UN meeting) on Monday, and the conversation was derailed very rapidly.

The superpowers have accused each other of deepening the crisis. While American President Joe Biden and his administration favor diplomacy, the door is still open for other options that have not yet been defined clearly.

Russia tried its best to prevent the UN meeting from happening but lacked the support to do so. It was the perfect occasion for the US to lay bare what is at stake in this tense situation.

However, since Russia has veto power like America, China, France, and the United Kingdom, no decision could be reached at the meeting.

US urges UN to get in the mix in Russia-Ukraine conflict

At the heated sit-down, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said waiting longer is not an option. She urged the UN to get involved in a more meaningful way.

Thomas-Greenfield thinks Russia’s behavior when it comes to Ukraine poses a real threat to the global order.

The US is on high alert after Russia sent over 100,000 troops close to the border it shares with Ukraine.

US intelligence has also pointed out that additional Russian troops are being moved around in neighboring countries like Belarus.

The US believes a Russian invasion would have catastrophic consequences. However, the reports on the ground are a little bit more nuanced.

There are stories of families being torn apart over the future of the conflict. Some in Ukraine even hold pro-Russian views.

Russia blames US for trying to make Ukraine invasion a reality

Moreover, Russia is adamant the US is trying to heighten the crisis. Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzia blames the US for creating panic about an invasion that could come in a matter of days.

The official says the statement could not be further from the truth. Russia continues to say that the deployment of troops is within its own border, and an invasion is not being considered.

Russia has trouble understanding how this maneuver could be linked to an imminent invasion of Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials insist that the development cannot be considered an act of aggression towards Ukraine.

Russia wants proof of what the US and its allies are suggesting when it comes to their intentions. Nebenzia concluded his statement by saying that America is rooting for its allegations about Russia to become reality.

Despite the harsh exchanges at the United Nations, diplomacy is still being pushed by the West, and Russia has not turned down those overtures.

Russia pushes negotiations with France

Thomas-Greenfield responded to her Russian counterpart by accusing him of being “provocative.” She said that America is mostly focused on a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron talked recently, and de-escalation of the conflict was the main focus of their conversation.

The Russian leader seems more eager to deal with Macron than with Biden. The Kremlin wants some guarantees about the future.

Russia says that if Ukraine joins NATO, which is being considered, it would pose a risk to its security.

Biden and his team have not shown an interest in dropping the possibility.

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