Ukrainian border: U.S. troops on high alert for deployment

January 26, 2022

Ukrainian border: U.S. troops on high alert for deployment

The situation at the Ukrainian border is a complicated issue for the West, and there is no real end in sight for the feud with Russia.

American President Joe Biden has promised to stand up to Russia’s Vladimir Putin if he decides to invade Ukraine.

The statement from the leader of the free world has not deterred Putin from his initial goal.

Some observers have accused Biden of holding back by not defining a clear red line.

Mr. Biden is trying to find a sweet spot between escalating the tensions and showing his resolve to prevent a Russian invasion.

Biden puts some troops on high alert for deployment

On Monday, the Biden administration via Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has put 8,500 troops on alert for a possible deployment to Eastern Europe. NATO allies have also deployed ships and aircraft to the region.

The move is supposed to be a rebuke of the ever-increasing Russian military presence near the border shared with Ukraine.

The message from the United States wants to convey a certain clarity — the Biden administration is ready to engage Russia on different fronts to defend its Ukrainian ally.

While the American troops are on heightened alert, the next move is still yet to be decided, and the situation is in flux.

The main idea, for now, is to reinforce NATO Response Force and to give it more weight in case there is an escalation.

A spokesperson for the Biden administration said that the NATO Response Force is comprised of 40,000 multinational troops.

What is left unsaid, the possible deployment is mostly about mild deterrence and reassurance for European allies who were baffled by some mixed statements from the US president.

At a press conference last week, Biden suggested that a minor Russian incursion into Ukraine might not get a full response from America and its NATO allies.

The administration quickly walked back the statement. However, the damage was already done.

Russia launches military drills in response to possible US troops deployment

Russia continues to blame the US for making things worse in Ukraine. A spokesperson for the Kremlin said Russia is concerned with the possible deployment of US troops in Eastern Europe.

Interestingly, at least 100,000 Russian troops are already deployed near the Ukrainian border.

Russia is also conducting military drills in the same area as it claims the West is responsible for the increased tension.

It has been said that at least 6,000 troops were involved in the drills. The Kremlin launched the exercises after the Biden administration opened the door to the deployment of troops in Eastern Europe.

It is not clear if the military drills will last a certain time.

Diplomacy is still on the table

Diplomatic efforts are still underway despite the gloomy aspect of recent developments.

Although Russia’s main demands are problematic for the West, the two sides are still talking.

Putin does not want Ukraine to get any closer to NATO. The West is ready to make some concessions elsewhere but has refused to entertain that idea.

While the media paints a dire picture, Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov struck a different note this week. He said that a Russian invasion is not imminent.

It may take a while, an agreement between Russia and the West is still considered the likeliest scenario.

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