December 12, 2020

Trump Campaig

Trump Campaign: It is now just three days until the Electoral College votes and the election becomes official. At this point, no one believes that we will see a sudden shift in the balance of power; but that has not stopped the Trump campaign from continuing to file lawsuits in several states. One of this is in Wisconsin, with judgement expected to be handed down as early as Friday.

To this point; all lawsuits filed in the state of Wisconsin, as in every other stage where there were challenges to the results, have been dismissed. The problem that judges across the country are having is that they are not seeing any evidence to support the claims of voter fraud. For many, that has meant dismissing the suits rather quickly.

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If the President believes that he is going to receive any favors from U.S. District Judge Brett Ludwig, an official that Trump appointed, he may need to think again. Judge Ludwig was not kind in his assessment of the suite before him; using words like “bizarre,” “Incredible,” and “Very odd” to describe it. With his judgment expected today, it seems unlikely that we are going to see any type of dramatic ruling.

It was certainly a tightly fought race in Wisconsin, with Biden winning by roughly 21,000 votes (0.6%). The Trump lawyers have asked that absentee ballots cast early and in-person should be dismissed. He believes that a proper written request for said ballots was not made.

What’s Next for Trump Campaign if This Suit Fails?

A loss in state court would not be the end of the line for President Trump in Wisconsin; but suggesting the lawsuit in state court will be thrown out, it would mean that the Wisconsin Supreme Court would be the next step. That would not leave a lot of time for lawyers to get an appeal together and in front of the Supreme Court for the state. As mentioned earlier, Monday is the last date for the Electoral college to vote to certify results.

Political experts and insiders do not believe that we will see the election results overturned; with the Electoral College vote expected to be exactly how the American public voted across the country. We will all find out for sure on Monday Jan. 14.

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