Torrential Rains in Japan torment the country

August 15, 2021

Torrential Rains in Japan torment the country

Climate change has been taking its toll on the world in a variety of ways. Most issues with climate change have been visible through rising temperatures. In the western part of the United States in Canada, wildfires have been raging. The same goes for multiple parts of Europe and other continents. Torrential rains in Japan are another example of global climate change.

Extensive rainfall is also caused by climate change to some degree. It can be hard to determine causation from solo events. But, there have been changes throughout the world since climate change became a prominent political issue.

Torrential rains in Japan have tormented the country and cause multiple deaths. On Saturday, one woman died, and two people went missing. The rains caused a landslide which destroyed two houses in the western portion of Japan. Riverbanks are continuing to overflow. Plus, there has been no sign of decline with the rainfall. It’s a catastrophe!

Details of the Torrential Rains in Japan

On Saturday, the rainfall became unbearable in southern and western parts of Japan. In the southernmost island of Kyushu, 37.6 inches of rain fell as of noon on Saturday. 2 inches of rain is a massive storm, so the fact that nearly 40 fell in Kyushu is remarkable.

Japan has notified citizens of the dangers of the rainfall. If you turn on the news in the country, it’s not hard to determine that the rain is deadly. But, the Japanese government has stepped in to support people in need.

The Japanese government has ruled that there is a level 5 risk for over 1.5 million people. The Japan Meteorological Agency has also declared that more rain is coming. The report from the agency has shown that things could get worse before they become better. Additionally, there will be massive cleanup efforts involved to repair damages.

A spokesperson from the Japan Meteorological Agency discussed the natural disaster on Saturday.

“People must take steps to secure their safety. There has been almost no movement of the rain front over Japan, and it’s being fed by warm, humid air, which is making it more active.”

Heavy rain has not been the only problem in Japan. The riverbanks breaking has been the primary concern in Karume. Multiple riverbanks overflowed and broke. This will hurt citizens long after the rain concludes.

Kyoto’s Capital River Not Flooded

One positive is that the combo river that runs through Kyoto’s capital was not flooded. This news stands as of noon on Saturday. We’re talking about an ancient capital in Japan. One that possesses many artifacts that would be lost through the flooding if riverbanks broke.

The primary landslides hit multiple parts of Nagasaki. That’s where the deaths occurred. A 59-year-old woman was confirmed dead from the landslides. Unfortunately, her husband and daughter were missing. First responders are currently looking for these individuals. But, it appears that they may have perished in the tragedy.

The Weather Service has confirmed that the front should move out in approximately one week. This will begin a hefty cleanup process. Luckily, multiple nations have already offered support to the Japanese when the rain concludes.

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