April 15, 2021

Aril Haines

Threats for the Annual Global report were announced this Thursday by the Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines.

She told a Senate panel that the intelligence community’s annual report of worldwide threats forsees the coronavirus pandemic contributing over the next year to “humanitarian and economic crises, political unrest, and geopolitical competition.”

The report sees four outside enemies: Russia, China, Iran and North Korea as posturing the most important cybersecurity concerns.

It also singles out for concern the lingering impact of the pandemic, warning “political aftershocks will be felt for years.”

“China is employing a comprehensive approach to demonstrate its growing strength and compel regional neighbors to acquiesce to Beijing’s preferences, including its claims over disputed territory and assertions of sovereignty over Taiwan.” she said.

Russia “almost certainly considers cyber attacks an acceptable option to deter adversaries, control escalation, and prosecute conflicts,” according to the document.

It too has considerable cyber capabilities that, in case sent at a least, can cause localized transitory disturbances to basic foundation interior the Joined together States.

The report Haines highlighted charts a wide cluster of potential threats expected by the insights community over the coming year.

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