July 25, 2021


LGBTQ law is evolving throughout the world for rights. However, some countries are still behind with legislation. There is extreme anger in Hungary over the right-wing’s administrations latest LGBT policies. These laws caused thousands of people to fill the streets of Budapest; with extra passion during the country’s annual Pride Parade.

Importance of the Pride March

The Budapest Pride Parade organizers expected the 2021 march; to be one of the largest of all time because of the government’s recent laws. The organizers enticed people to come to the parade to state their disapproval of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. His laws have caused people to accuse him of stigmatizing sexual minorities throughout the nation.

Budapest Pride spokesperson Jojo Majercsik; has been at the forefront of the media discussing why this Pride Parade is critical for the LGBTQ community. LGBTQ individuals have struggled throughout the nation because Orban has targeted gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queers, according to the spokesperson.

Before the march, she said:

“A lot of LGBTQ people are afraid and don’t feel like they have a place or a future in this country anymore.”

The march occurred on Saturday and took place in the center of Budapest. People marched through the street before crossing the Danube River over the Liberty Bridge. Mira Nagy, a 16-year-old member of the LGBTQ community, spoke about the LGBTQ community and her fear over the future in Hungary.

She said:

“This year is much more significant because now there are real stakes. Our situation is pretty bad… My plan is that if things get even worse, I will leave Hungary.”

The Controversial LGBTQ Laws

In June, Hungary’s parliament banned the display of homosexual acts or gender change to minors. These regulations were connected to a bill that dealt harder penalties for pedophiles. The PM has declared that he has nothing against the homosexual community, but he has the intention to protect children throughout the nation.

The LGBTQ community was angry about the regulations. However, they were furious about the laws being attached to a bill that dealt with pedophilia. The reelection campaign is in the spring; so there have been accusations against Orban that the legislation is a way to appeal to right-wing conservatives.

There was a lot of opposition towards the LGBTQ bill by numerous lawmakers in the European Union. The EU Commission, the political group that leads the bloc; has filed lawsuits claiming that the rules conflict with LGBTQ rights. This is a strong statement because Orban is a right-wing leader, so he does not need to try to appeal to this group of people.

Additionally; the law requires LGBTQ organizations to receive approval from the government before showcasing sexual education to schools and media, which appeals to minors.

A few days before the walk; Orban stated that the government would release a poll to determine national support for the bill.

Majercsik expects the support for the bill to be minimal, but only time will tell. She stated that if the bill is not removed, many LGBTQ individuals will leave Hungary.

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