April 5, 2021


People all over the world celebrated Easter on Sunday. Many people headed to church services, collected Easter eggs, and gathered with family members for the holiday. These examples do not resemble what is occurring in Myanmar Easter.

A military coup has taken control of Myanmar, and all protesters are not happy with the country’s current situation. On Easter Sunday, anti-coup protesters took to the streets and themed their demonstration to the holiday.

They held Easter eggs painted with protest remarks about how they will take down the coup.

The Myanmar Easter Demonstrations

The main Easter protests took place in Myanmar’s biggest city of Yangon. Groups marched through the streets, chanting and singing. They were all holding eggs painted with the phrase, “Spring Revolution.”

Other eggs had a three-finger salute, which is the protesters’ main symbol that unites protestors around Myanmar.

There was a corresponding rally in Myanmar’s second-biggest city. The protests in this city were on motorbikes as people rode through the streets. These bikers shouted chants calling for the coup to be overthrown because they unfairly pushed out democratically elected leaders.

Shutting Down the Protests

The key for Myanmar’s military coup to maintain power is to maintain control. However, they are having a tough time achieving this domination. Rallies have been occurring for a substantial period, but this has caused the coup to crack the whip.

The punishments from the military coup have turned violent. The coup killed close to 600 civilians, with another 2,750 being detained. The violence caught the attention of leaders worldwide. Unfortunately, nothing significant is being done to end the unfair treatment of citizens.

The same situation occurred on Easter Sunday with the egg rallies. One person has been confirmed dead from the Easter protests. Security forces opened fire on a group of protestors in the heart of Myanmar.

Deaths and detainments are frequent, but the people of Myanmar are not going to stop fighting for democracy. The Easter egg protest in Myanmar was just one of many themed rallies that the anti-coup groups have used to entice people to the streets to bring down the acting regime.

A Flower strike had people in Myanmar laying flowers throughout the nation to honor the people who had died at the coup’s hands. The other themed rally was a silent protest where people stayed out of the streets.

Not Promising

There are hopes that the military coup steps down and democracy prevails, but this is not very promising. Therefore, protests will continue in the nation to put Myanmar in the global news. This will put pressure on the coup to remove themselves from their unearned position.

Security forces are constantly trying to torment people throughout the nation to stop protests before they even occur. Members of the military coup were firing rocks from slingshots at people’s homes to break windows.

Police are regularly raiding neighborhoods and shooting citizens for no reason. The situation in Myanmar is unlawful, but people are not giving up their fight for democracy.

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