Tensions between India and China over new boundary law

October 28, 2021

tensions between india and china over new boundary law

India and China issues, the new land boundary law that passed on October 23. For officials in New Delhi, the move will affect current bilateral agreements and the boundary question.

India slams China over new law that threatens peace at the border

India is watching the situation closely and urging China to proceed with care. India is worried that the communist nation could use the new legislation to gain more leverage in the border areas that link the two countries.

Indian and Chinese army commanders negotiated for 17 months but never reached an agreement on what could be done to lessen the tension between the countries’ border troops in key areas.

China has reached a border agreement with 12 of its neighbors. India and Bhutan are holding out for now.

However, in recent weeks, Bhutan and China have made some progress, and a road map to an agreement was announced. The border with Bhutan stretches to 400 kilometers (248 miles).

Indian External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said his country is hoping that China will stay within the parameters of the previous arrangements to keep the border areas peaceful. China has not yet responded to India’s statements.

India tests new nuclear-capable missile in show of force against China

Amid the tense situation with China, the Indian government announced Wednesday that it tested a nuclear-capable missile with a range of 5,000 kilometers (3,125 miles). The testing took place from an island off the Indian coast.

Officials insist that all of this is following Indian’s deterrent policy of no first use. As China continues to make progress with its arsenal, India has been forced to keep up. The Agni-5 missile could strike all of China.

While India is projecting calm in its handling of the border crisis with China, the missile testing makes it clear that New Delhi is keeping all of the options on the table.

Experts say that as India continues to grow economically, it will do the same on the military side. A war between the two Asian nations is still a possibility, they say. It already happened in 1962.

The Sino-Indian border dispute covers 3,488 kilometers (2,167 miles) along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh.

It has been going on for a long time. However, the feud between the two Asian superpowers has reached new heights in the past year.

Thousand of well-equipped soldiers are covering the border for both countries. In 2020, Indian and Chinese soldiers clashed. Twenty Indians were killed, and China announced four deaths.

China’s new law seems to be about gaining more power in the region

Beneath the border issue lies one interesting element, China is aiming to become a global power. In the quest to accomplish that goal, it is stretching its strength wherever and however it can.

China’s new border law will go into effect in January 2022. It claims that the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are sacred and inviolable.

The law allows the Chinese military to handle border issues. It also calls for massive economic and social investments in border areas.

Despite its expansive nature, the law still leaves open the door to negotiations with other countries.

However, due to the complicated history shared by India and China, it will take a lot of work for the two sides to trust each other.

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