January 22, 2021


A South African COVID-19 study has caused a sense of fear around the world. At-risk groups have been receiving the COVID-19 vaccine for over a month.

However, this South African study has shown that the vaccine may not significantly prevent people from being infected after receiving both doses.

South African COVID-19 Resurgence

COVID-19 cases have been spiking throughout South Africa. This led local scientists to run a series of tests to see why this may be occurring following the initial vaccine doses in the country.

The results of the study could give a glimpse at future COVID-19 issues that the world will have to deal with moving forward.

The Study

Scientists took blood samples from two groups of people. The first group was previously infected with COVID-19 and didn’t have any of the antibodies in their blood. The other group had previously been infected but had a varying level of antibodies in their systems.

The risk of reinfection couldn’t be determined in the second group of people. However, the first group showed that there is significant risk of COVID-19 reinfection among people who have been infected that haven’t received any antibodies.

This is making people question if current COVID-19 vaccines will be effective in the long run. The vaccine most likely won’t prevent COVID-19 mutations. That’s why this study has caused a lot of fear around the world.

South African COVID-19 Mutations

New strains of COVID-19 are being identified all over the world. Scientists are constantly studying these mutations, but this isn’t a quick process.

These new strains may not be prevented in the human body by current COVID-19 vaccines that are being distributed throughout the world.

The vaccines have given people a sense of hope that a return to normalcy is coming sooner rather than later. This South African study has shown that the vaccine might not fix the issues that the world is encountering with the virus.

New strains have also been identified in the United Kingdom and Brazil. Scientists in Brazil have stated that the new strain has mutated in a location where current vaccines wouldn’t be helpful.

The new South African COVID-19 strain is believed to be 50% more transmissible than SARS-CoV-2. The transmission rate of the original virus was what made it so deadly. More people died from the yearly flu, but COVID-19 had a much higher rate of infection.

Some of the vaccines will protect against new strains. But COVID-19 variants are still emerging regularly. The South African study hasn’t caused a positive sense around the nation. Research has shown that the United Kingdom strain will be protected under the current Pfizer vaccine.

Current COVID-19 Numbers

COVID-19 has been affecting the world for over a year. Relief from the virus could be coming, but the devastation has been monumental. There have been 96.2 million cases and 2.06 million deaths worldwide.

Fifty-one million vaccine doses have been administered in 51 countries around the world. The research has shown that a second-generation vaccine could be necessary in the future as mutations continue to unravel.

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