February 18, 2021


An interview on Russia’s foreign ministry website on Friday morning displayed that the country is ready to end its relationship with the European Union. This is not surprising because the tension has been developing between the two sides for an extended period.

However, this interview brings the animosity between Russia and the European Union to the forefront of the global spotlight.

Comments from Russia’s Foreign Affairs Minister

Russia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov displayed the country’s feelings towards their relationship with the European Union. He stated, “We proceed from the fact that we are ready. In the event that we again see sanctions imposed in some sectors that create risks for our economy, including in the most sensitive spheres.”

Russia does not wish to separate itself from the global economy. However, Lavrov added that Russia is prepared to isolate itself from the European Union. If this causes an economic war between the two sides, Russia will be prepared for battle.

Final Straw for Russia and EU

Lavrov’s comments in the Friday morning interview were not unwarranted. The relationship between Russia and the European Union became extremely strained last week when the EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, took a trip to Moscow.

Borrell traveled to Moscow for a routine trip to visit with the foreign policy team in Russia. This meeting caused hatred to rise to an all-time high. Borrell expressed the European Union’s feelings toward the situation with Alexei Navalny.

The EU wanted Vladimir Putin to drop Navalny’s charges. Navalny is Putin’s direct threat to the Russian presidency.

Navalny has been trying to overthrow Putin for years. Putin reportedly attempted to assassinate Navalny, but the effort failed.

Navalny recovered after being in a medically-induced coma so medical officials could attempt to save his life from the assassination attempt. Navalny has a wide array of support in Russia, and the news of his jailing caused numerous cities throughout the nation to revolt.

Borrell learned during his trip that Russia had already dismissed three EU diplomats for attending demonstrations in support of Navalny. This made Lavrov tell the press that “the EU is not a reliable partner, at least at the current stage.”

Borrell was not pleased with Russia during his trip either. He made it clear that officials did not want to hear the EU’s thoughts on the Navalny situation. He also expressed that Russia staged an aggressive press conference that put the EU and himself under fire.

Past Events that Created Tension

The tension between Russia and the European Union began in 2014. In 2014, Russia seized Crimea, but both countries had economic and strategic interests, which turned out to be a good decision.

A gas pipeline is being built from Russia to Germany. However, the remarks following Borrell’s visit to Russia will most likely change the plans for this project. Leaders all over the world widely criticized the pipeline, so this will make some countries happy.

However, there will be global consequences if Russia and the EU end their relationship.

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