Russia has the US on edge with potential Ukraine invasion

November 23, 2021

Russia has the US on edge with a potential Ukraine invasion

The United States and their western allies are really worried about a potential Ukraine invasion by Russia. In the past few weeks, Russia has increased its military presence near the border.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed 92,000 troops in the area. Observers say 100,000 troops could be enough to invade Ukraine.

Biden’s administration is thinking about arming Ukraine more

America is taking the threat so seriously that the Biden administration is thinking about sending more weapons and military experts to prepare for a Russian invasion.

Different plans are being discussed, but the American government does not want to be seen as escalating the situation. US officials are walking a fine line between being ready for Russian aggression and provoking Moscow.

The Department of Defense is pushing for equipment meant for Afghanistan to be sent to Ukraine instead. America ended the war in Afghanistan earlier this year after two decades.

The package that is currently under consideration includes Javelin anti-tank and anti-armor missiles in addition to Mi-17 helicopters.

Biden wants to avoid a repeat of Crimea

The Biden administration is also weighing how to react if Russia invades Ukraine in the upcoming months as it did with Crimea in 2014 when many were caught by surprise.

President Joe Biden is trying to avoid repeating what happened seven years ago. Mr. Biden was President Barack Obama’s vice president at the time.

Western allies will put more sanctions in place if Russia crosses into Ukraine. However, a belligerent Russia remains undeterred by those threats.

The west hopes for more targeted sanctions against Russia and Vladimir Putin

Moreover, it is not immediately clear what a new wave of punishment against Russia would look like. Congress is proposing for the sanctions to focus on top officials, including Mr. Putin.

Additional sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline are also being considered. Russia uses the pipeline to sell natural gas to Europe.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced some sanctions targeting Nord Stream 2 on Monday. Last week, Germany opted to pause the certification of the project.

Some experts hope that things will calm down and cooler heads will prevail.

Russia slams Ukraine invasion plan chatter

Earlier this year, Russia made an impressive demonstration near the border, and many thought an invasion was forthcoming. However, a few weeks later, the troops returned to their base.

A similar scenario remains a possibility because US officials have admitted that it is hard to determine clearly what Putin is trying to accomplish at the moment.

Some say the recent moves could be part of a larger chess game with the goal of getting more out of the western world. Russia is trying to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO.

Russia has said that it does not plan on invading Ukraine. Moscow blames the West for pushing false information about its activities near the border.

A spokesperson for the Kremlin claims that America is embracing the invasion angle to be able to justify arming Ukraine with more weapons.

Despite the denial, the US remains vigilant because it believes that Putin does not have good intentions when it comes to Ukraine.

American officials even state that Russia is investing quite a bit to destabilize Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

A regime change is also seen as a potential Putin goal when it comes to Ukraine.

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