May 7, 2021


The war on drugs in South America is an ongoing battle where lives are frequently lost. On Thursday in Rio de Janeiro, a massive shootout caused at least 25 deaths, with more people in critical condition in area hospitals. It’s believed that the majority of the deaths were drug traffickers, but local media has confirmed that one police officer has died.

Details of the Shootout

Police were touring Rio de Janeiro in the Jacarezinho area of the city because of a drug hint. Traffickers were taking over the section of the town, which caused local police to go attempt to end the situation. These calls are frequent in Brazil, so this mission seemed like another day on the job for the police.

It was believed that the drug gangs in the city were beginning to recruit children for trafficking. Drug lords get away with a lot in South America because there are not enough police to enforce all hot spots where operations occur. However, the recruitment of children forced police to get involved.

When police arrived, they were met by heavy fire. Suspects were spraying bullets at police to evacuate the area without being arrested. As soon as the police arrived, it was clear that there would not be many arrests because of the scale of the shootout.

The bullets did damage to more than the gang and police. Bullets hit a metro train and injured two of the passengers. Luckily, neither of these bystanders was killed in the line of fire. The Rio de Janeiro Police released a statement regarding their officer who was killed serving on Facebook.

The force said, “he honored the profession he loved, and he will be missed.” When Police Chief Ronaldo Oliveira was questioned, he confirmed that this was the deadliest police operation in the history of Rio de Janeiro.

The gang that the cops targeted is very deadly. Recruiting children would have taken their group to a new level. So, it’s good that the police shut down the tyranny for now. The gang has been known for drugs but also mugging, murders, and kidnappings.

The Deadliness of Rio de Janeiro Drug Gangs

Rio de Janeiro is a deadly city, but it’s a major destination for people worldwide. The 2016 Summer Olympics were held in the town, which shows that the city is a hotbed for tourism. However, residents are trying to leave the city in droves.

After the shooting, resident bystanders took to social media showing that gang members had died in their houses trying to escape the police. Blood-soaked floors were scattered throughout the area.

Residents also complained about police accusing them of warning gang members about the raid. This is a possibility because drug gangs strike fear in citizens to maintain secrecy from the authorities. Although, police confiscated phones without a warrant in many cases in the cleanup from the shootout.

Police forces in Rio have been accused of excessive force, but they are in a difficult position to maintain control of the city.

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