April 6, 2021


Russian President Vladimir Putin has been in power for over two decades. He has been in power longer than any other Kremlin leader besides Josef Stalin. However, he may be staying in control for a long time in Russia. 

On Monday, he signed a law that could keep him leading the country until 2036. It’s not certain that he will run again because he is approaching 70 years of age, but he now has the option. 

The New Law

He gained the ability to sign the new law during the July 1st constitutional vote. If the vote had not passed in July, Putin would have been unable to sign the law. The new provision will allow him to run for the presidency two more times.

If he chose to serve for this new law’s capacity, he would be 83 years old at the end of his presidency. The Kremlin legislature approved Putin’s rule, and it was posted Monday on the government website. 

Putin has not determined if he is going to run again. His six-year term expires in 2024, and he said he is not going to decide immediately if he plans on pursuing reelection.  

Why Did Putin Sign this Law?

People have wondered why Putin extended his term if he is uncertain about running for reelection. I would not be surprised to see the leader run again, but he released a statement explain his thought process.

Putin claimed that it was necessary to extend the term limit law because he wanted to keep government officials focused on their duties instead of worrying about finding a successor. In my opinion, this implies that Putin is going to pursue reelection. 

Other Parts of the Law

The term limit feature of the bill that Putin signed was not the only massive legislation implication. It emphasized Russian law instead of international norms, banned same-sex marriage, and stated that a belief in god is critical as a Russian citizen. 

These regulations may sound restrictive, but they were well received throughout the nation. I would not trust every poll, but the Kremlin released one that said 78% of voters approved the constitutional amendment that Putin enacted on Monday. 

68% of Russians turned out in July for the voting, so this shows significant approval of the amendment. Despite this fact, there has been an array of criticism after Putin inked the amendment on Monday. 

The oppositional party in Russia has been at the forefront of the complaining. This is evident because Putin’s new law limits their chances of rising to power. This frustration over this amendment is compounded by the fact that Putin has imprisoned the country’s most prominent opposition leader, Alexei Navalny. 

Navalny was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for violating his probation. It’s believed that Putin tried to have Navalny killed, but his attempt failed.

Navalny has been outspoken about his unfair treatment in prison, which has continued to cause tempers to flare throughout the oppositional party supporters.

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