May 1, 2021


There is a new economic plan in Colombia to raise taxes, and protesters march because the economy has been destroyed. Protesters marches in the streets of cities in the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left an economic dent on every country worldwide because of the crippling shutdown measures. These orders have hurt people all over the world because many governments are raising taxes to help limit debt.

Protesters marchs were carrying empty coffins, wearing Guy Fawkes masks to symbolize the nation’s destruction during the pandemic. A tax hike would be an additional difficulty that could destroy Colombia.

Cambodian Protesters March

The marches have been occurring for the entire week in cities all over Colombia. Bogota has been the primary rallying location for Colombian citizens. The government is looking to raise taxes, but the country is not close to being removed from the pandemic.

The virus deaths are still rising, and the vaccine rollout has been minimal. President Ivan Duque does not seem to have the citizens in mind with his new tax plan. The streets were filled with people from all walks of life, including shopkeepers, union leaders, teachers, university students, and retirees.

Chants were common during the rallies, but every statement had the foundation that the Colombian government does not care about its citizens.

Calling for an End to the Protests

The protests do not make Colombia’s leadership look beneficial, and that’s why officials are trying to end all demonstrations. Their efforts have not been satisfactory, considering the marches began on Wednesday, and they have not stopped.

A judge in Bogota declared that the demonstrations were illegal because of the threat of the virus spreading. Many people in the country did not accept this decision.

Bogota is the capital city of the country. After the judge’s ruling, the mayor Claudia Lopez begged people to stay off the streets because of the spiking virus. The only thing that will fix the issue is for the government to stop the attempted tax hike.

Most of the marches have been peaceful, so police have not had to be frequently involved. Although, there have been some sparse criminal acts like looting and vandalism, which have caused the force to use tear gas.

There may be no direct deaths from the demonstrations, but the marches are super spreader events. On Thursday, a record-setting 505 people died from COVID-19 in Colombia, and hospitals are full.

Before the Pandemic

Citizens in Colombia were not happy with the government before the pandemic in 2019. The government has been attempting to raise taxes for years. The government was murdering social leaders in the nation for years to prevent outrage in the streets.

The reforms have caused people to fall into poverty. The country is fighting multiple wars with the virus and the economic state, but it’s unclear which is worse. Only 3% of citizens are vaccinated, and President Duque’s approval rate is 33%, so Colombians want change to occur.

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