June 8, 2021

Presidential Election Update in Peru

Peru’s presidential election occurred on Sunday, and the results are starting to become apparent. Socialist leader Pedro Castillo expanded his lead on Monday as ballot counting continued over Keiko Fujimori.

Fujimori, a right-wing leader, has been critical that the election has been fraudulent. She has made it clear that she is not conceding because of the technicalities during voting. However, she has been unable to show any meaningful signs of election irregularities to prove her case.

Sunday’s Presidential Election Update in Peru

On Sunday, the official count showed that Castillo had earned 50.3% of the vote compared to 49.7% for Fujimori. By early Monday morning, 95% of the vote had been counted. A similar situation in Peru occurred in the 2020 election in the United States.

Fujimori has a substantial lead, but as more ballots were counted overnight, her lead dwindled. The same situation occurred in the United States when it appeared that Donald Trump had won, but Biden took the lead as the night developed.

Fujimori has been very forward about her thoughts on the legality of the election.

“There’s a clear intention to boycott the will of the people.” This quote was taken from a press conference where she used social media videos to prove her accusations. She said that supporters of Castillo were not counting the votes properly.

Castillo’s Party Responds to the Accusations

Castillo’s party, Free Peru, has denied all signs of election fraud that Fujimori brought forward. This is no surprise to people and media members in Peru. The election was expected to be close, which indicated that there would be multiple days of unrest and tension after polling.

Free Peru was claiming that there was fraud occurring before he took the lead in the ballot counting. However, the party did not show any evidence that there was fraud in the 2021 election.

Each party is trying to win, and they are doing this at all costs.

Tension Throughout Peru

Castillo, the son of farmers, has pledged to support the people who have not had a voice in the past. His promise is believed to attract voters throughout the nation who usually do not show up to the polls.

This was a reason that media members believed the ballot was going to be extremely tight. The political opponents have caused unrest throughout Peru. Each candidate stands for entirely different beliefs.

This has caused the capital city of Lima to turn against the countryside farmers and the people who have caused Castillo to gain a following.

Some people just want the election to be over for the losing candidate to accept defeat. Lilia Rocha, a voter from Lima, talked to reporters after arguments broke out in the city on Monday.

She said, “All we want right now is democracy, that everything be democratic. That whoever wins, the other accepts it and doesn’t start any trouble.” The disputes occurred because Castillo told his followers to defend the vote when he was behind. Although, he quickly gained the lead and called for peace throughout the area.

The election should be official in the coming days, but it would not be surprising if the losing candidate takes legal action.

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