President Biden Fights to Shrink Agenda on CNN Town Hall

October 23, 2021

President Biden Fights to Shrink Agenda on CNN Town Hall 850

President Biden fights cautiously in CNN town hall as he tries to get a smaller agenda through the finish line

President Joe Biden joined Anderson Cooper Thursday night for a CNN town hall in Baltimore. Over 1.2 million people watched the event at a time when Biden needs to get his message across.

With disappointing poll numbers and two huge bills stuck in Congress because his own party cannot agree, Biden tried to reach directly to the American people.

President Biden Fights

He blames Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for slow progress

The president earned praises for trying to be honest by sharing a lot of details about his ongoing negotiations with moderates in the U.S. Senate who are scaling back his agenda.

Mr. Biden was clear if the country is not moving fast enough and progress is slow, it is the fault of Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

The two conservative Democrats are fighting hard to scale back a $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package. Experts predict that they will prevail because, in a divided Senate, Democrats cannot afford to lose the support of one senator for a bill.

The president did not show any anger, but the frustration was palpable. Biden wants voters to know why the significant change he promised is not happening fast enough.

He also needed to tread lightly not to offend the two senators who can derail his entire agenda at any given moment. It was a very delicate balancing act, but Biden succeeded.

He praised the idiosyncratic Sinema for being as smart as the devil. Manchin was described as tough but always open to getting to a yes on issues.

President Biden fights to make some news in town hall with Anderson Cooper

Biden was candid and offered a real window into what it means to be the leader of the free world. Yes, the job comes with a lot of power, but it is not a dictatorship.

The president is powerful, but at the same time, his plans are at the mercy of elected officials in Congress. People in the media were pleased with all the details he provided about the state of the negotiations.

Biden made a lot of news with the town hall. This is a format that has been good for him over the years. Some observers say they expect the president to get a slight bump in the polls in the upcoming weeks.

The president revealed that his paid leave agenda has been cut to 4 weeks instead of 12. The dental, vision, and hearing expansion to Medicare pushed by Senator Bernie Sanders is not happening. Manchin and Sinema oppose the measure.

There will be no tuition-free community college in the reconciliation package as Biden had envisioned. Moreover, the corporate tax will not go up, as he wanted.

President Biden fights but it seems close to reconciliation finish line

The CNN town hall was a moment of reckoning for many Democrats; the Biden agenda is shrinking. However, if he can get what is left of it through the finish line, it will still be a huge accomplishment with a Senate split 50-50.

After the event, Biden returned his focus to the negotiations on Friday, and by all accounts, a deal is close. The upcoming days will determine a big part of the Biden presidency’s place in history.

The president seems determined to fight and leave a lasting mark.

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