November 3, 2020


US Election Facts: Have you ever wondered why Election Day in the United States is held on a Tuesday?

The reason is that the date was set by law as the first Tuesday after the first Monday in the month of November, which means that the day always falls between November 2 and 8. Obviously, when the United States became a country, most of the nation’s workers had agricultural work, and the harvest season had largely come to an end, so a Tuesday vote was not a major inconvenience. In fact, people had to travel to a county seat in many cases to vote, which meant they left on Monday to vote on Tuesday, since the Sabbath on Sunday meant that travel on that day was not allowed.

Originally, the new President would not take office until March 4, because of delays in counting the vote, communicating results and naming electors. In 1933, though, the date of inauguration was moved to January 20, as communication was faster.

With the American election set for today, let’s look at some other interesting facts about Election Day, but before we do that, check out the last POTUS 2020 Betting Odds posted at online action hub

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Republicans Win Popular Vote+725
Democrats Win Popular Vote-1500
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U.S. Election Day Facts

When we think about politics news today, the fact that women have only been able to vote in the United States since 1920 is still mind-boggling. But did you know that, in New Jersey, women could vote before 1807? The first state constitution required that women had to be single, be old enough to vote and have lived in New Jersey for at least twelve months. Married women were not allowed to vote, as it was assumed that their husbands would represent them too. In 1807, though, they lost the right to vote because claims of voter fraud (such as men dressing up as women and voting twice) caused changes to the law. So if you think Trump denying people the right to vote and using claims of fraud is a new thing, think again.

There was a time when you couldn’t buy alcohol on Election Day. The temperance movement in the late 1800s led to these laws, which were motivated by bribery claims. George Washington was rumored to bribe voters with rum, hard cider and beer, for example. However, in 2014, South Carolina was the last state to lift the ban – so you can now get alcohol throughout the nation on Election Day.

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