November 4, 2020

2020 Presidential Election

Well; 2020 Presidential Election has come and gone, and the tally in the Electoral College is still too close to call. According to projections, Democratic candidate Joseph R. Biden has a lead over the incumbent, Republican Donald J. Trump, and Biden also leads; at this writing, in enough of the remaining states to claim victory, but there are still votes being counted.

We may not have a final result until the end of this week. What do we know today?

The one thing that is CLEAR to most voters now is that polls were once again wrong; pushing entirely unrealistic expectations for a Joe Biden campaign that is still very much on the wire. Although ballots are still being tabulated; it is now also clear that the confident Biden betting odds were also a bit of a blunder, as most houses kept a high -200 price on the Democrat nominee right up until counting started.

Po 2020 Presidential Election: The Day After Report

2020 Presidential Election updates have been coming right and left since early yesterday morning; when all five residents of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, voted for Biden, in the first tally in the nation. There were people on the Republican side claiming that a “red wave” (with red being the color associated with the Republicans) would deliver a landslide win for Trump and for Republicans in Congress. On the Democratic side, some thought a “blue wave” would produce a landslide win for Biden.

What we are seeing instead is that the country remains divided. It is interesting how far policy has fallen out of the discussion for choosing the next President. At their convention, the Republican Party didn’t even bother passing a platform of policy ideas; instead, they went with the idea that whatever Trump wanted would represent their policy goals. The Democrats passed a platform that is far more progressive than what Biden has supported throughout his 47-year political career at the national level; leaving a sense that neither party really cares much about policies; that will help the country, but rather that both parties are interested in holding onto power.

More Americans have voted in this election than have voted in decades; as voter participation is at a level not seen since the late nineteenth century – also a time of gridlock and corruption; known as the Gilded Age. With two candidates running well into their 70s, and with Trump restricted to just one more term as it is; 2024 will likely bring a new President no matter who wins this election. It will be interesting to see what the next few days hold, along with the next four years.

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