November 7, 2020


2024 US Elections: We’re only a few days off the last general election; and although all signs point to a Biden-Harris victory in the national polls, the truth is; we’re not all that sure what will end up happening in the end.

The traditional means of political polling have utterly failed us; and we’re left with little else but our own criteria to determine what is to come, so… I suppose there won’t come a better time to take a hit at the Earliest Betting Odds for the far-coming 2024 US Election. Afterall, what else is there left to do?

The Art of Political Prediction: 2024 US Elections

A good bettor isn’t one that has effective control of luck; as there is no such thing as “luck”, at least not in practical terms. Instead, a good bettor is he -or she- who is better able to read the signs of the times; to decipher the currents of the wind and determine its blowing direction. There is NOTHING supernatural about that, simply and plainly the proper use of good observation practices; and maybe a little bit help by a good head on your shoulders, in order to process all the data in the most accurate way.

According to online betting house JAZZSports.ag, the odds for the 2024’s General Election have the Republicans regaining the White House in four years, if only by a very tiny margin:

Political Futures*

2024 Presidential Election – Early Odds to WinOdds
Third Party2500

*Odds are subject to change.

What is at stake here?  The panorama for the Democrats looks a little complicated indeed, in spite of the “symbolic” gains obtained by the imminent victory of the Biden-Harris campaign.

The Democratic party now finds itself split into two recognizable entities: The more left-leaning side spearheaded by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Rashida Tlaib and Ihlan Omar -namely the “squad” as they’re commonly known by their supporters- and the more quiet moderate side of the party; that doesn’t feel so confident about defunding the police; the Green New Deal and the application of controversial Social Justice policies.

The losses at the House of Representatives also spell trouble for the Democrats in the years ahead, especially for California rep. Nancy Pelosi, who is -as we speak- edging her hold of the House Speaker post. Meanwhile, the Senate is expected to remain in control of the GOP establishment, with the most recent vote counts pointing to Republican Senate wins in Alaska, North Carolina and Georgia.

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