June 22, 2021


On Tuesday, New York City Democrats will head to the ballot box to place their mayoral primary votes. The race has been a heated topic for the past few months as candidates have tried to gain an advantage while campaigning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Bill de Blasio will leave his position after reaching his term limit of eight years. The Democratic primary vote is significant because it will determine what people in the blue city value for crime and police protection.

There is a Republican corresponding Republican primary in the city, but New York is heavily Democratic. The winner of the Democratic primary will likely become the next mayor of New York City.

The 2021 field is diverse, but it appears that Eric Adams will win. If Adams is victorious in the primary and the upcoming mayoral race, he will become the second African American mayor of the city.

Eric Adams, the Heavy Favorite

Adams’ original career was as a police officer, where he served as a captain with the New York Police Department. He transitioned to politics after finishing his service protecting the city.

He is the current borough president of Brooklyn. Adams has consumed many Democrats in the city because of his balance between moderates and heavy liberals. In addition, Adams is running on the foundation of law and order because of his background as a police officer.

However, Adams has also made promises to modify the force and how security is conducted in the city. The candidate has not coasted through the campaign process even though he is the favorite.

He has stated that Kathryn Garcia and Andrew Yang, his main opposition, are determined to keep a black man out of office. This statement has no substance, but it has helped Adams’ rally votes heading into election day.

Does Garcia or Yang Have a Chance?

Yang broke into the Democratic limelight after he attempted to lead the Democratic party in the 2020 election. Yang is an entrepreneur that has little experience in politics. He was the favorite before saying he was going to flee New York during the pandemic.

Garcia recently served as the commissioner of New York’s Sanitation Department. During the pandemic, she helped fight hunger in the city, which caused her to be endorsed by the New York Times.

Yang and Garcia campaigned together this weekend. As a result, they were accused of trying to keep Adams out of office. Instead, their goal was to divert votes to other candidates.

Maya Wiley: You Never Know

Maya Wiley is the candidate of the far left. She has promised to take $1 billion from NYPD’s $6 billion budget and reinvest it in communities that suffer from gun violence. Unfortunately, she has not answered who will protect the communities without police, which has not helped her cause with moderate Democrats.

It’s no surprise that Alexandra Ocasio Cortez has endorsed Wiley. The other candidates in the race include Shaun Donovan, Ray McGuire, Dianne Morales, and Scott Stringer. None of these people are expected to do anything but shake up the vote on Tuesday.

The polls will stay open in New York city until 9:00 PM ET on Tuesday.

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