New York Attorney General Letitia James goes after Trump family again

January 4, 2022

New York Attorney General Letitia James goes after Trump family again

The fight between New York Attorney General Letitia James and the Trump family is not close to being over.

In the latest round, James has subpoenaed Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. in a fraud investigation.

Letitia James subpoenas Donald Trump and his children.

Former President Donald Trump is also facing the same predicament. The ongoing financial fraud probe focuses on the former reality TV star’s company.

Eric Trump was deposed in December 2020. After Mr. Trump became president in 2017, he put his adult sons in charge of his companies.

According to the order that was filed on Monday, James is looking for answers on the valuation of properties owned by Donald J. Trump or the Trump Organization.

However, she also reserves the right to question the family on other related inquiries. In December, the Republican politician sued James and accused her of being biased against Trump, and said that she is leading a witch hunt.

Lawyers for Mr. Trump have also said that he was not interested in discussing the civil case with James because this could have ramifications in a criminal investigation that he is also dealing with in Manhattan.

Trump’s legal team is certain that James is pulling the strings in the other probe too. They are trying not to give her more ammunition.

However, James’s case is civil in nature and cannot become criminal, and the family has not been accused of criminal wrongdoings.

Trump’s lawyers move to quash James’s latest move.

The probe is focused on two New York properties, one in Illinois and another in California.

The probe’s goal is to see if the family avoided paying taxes.

The lawyers have asked a judge to block the latest maneuvers coming from James’s office. For the law experts, the attorney general’s actions are “unconstitutional.”

The Trump family is moving aggressively to stop this process from moving forward.

The Trumps have their backs against the wall, and they are forced to hit back by pointing out the holes in James’s decisions.

James has shown a lot of resolve in dealing with the Trump family. She was quick to respond to their statement.

According to James, the family has worked tirelessly to avoid getting interrogated by prosecutors in the past two years. James wants them to get the same treatment as ordinary citizens.

Is the New York Attorney General trying to hurt Trump politically?

James is a Democrat, and Trump supporters are using this element to dismiss the entire probe.

Mr. Trump, who lost his reelection bid against Joe Biden by less than 50,000 votes in states that could have changed the election’s outcome, is thinking about a rematch in 2024.

For Trump fans, his critics are using the law to diminish his political aura. While this could be true, there are no signs that Trump is paying a political price for these different probes.

He is still a very popular figure in the Republican Party, and many experts say that if Trump opts to run again, he will be the person to beat in the primary.

In the general election, the race is expected to be very tight in a polarized nation where Trump remains a very controversial figure.

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