February 11, 2021

Myanmar Lawmakers Placed Under House Arrest

World Politics – Myanmar Lawmakers Placed Under House Arrest

From 1962 until 2011, the Southheast Asia country was ruled by the armed forces. Now; after a decade of civilian rule; the country is back in the hands of the military after a Myanmar coup on Monday. The military stepped in and seized control on the opening day of the new parliament; stating that they were doing so based on beliefs that there was massive election fraud that led to Aung San Suu Kyi winning in a landslide.

During the Myanmar coup; Aung San Suu Kyi was detained by the military; and it now appears that hundreds of lawmakers in Myanmar are suffering the same fate. They have all essentially been placed under house arrest in the government housing complex. There are fears among the 400 or so lawmakers that they will be taken away; but for now, they are being allowed to talk to one another and contact the outside world via phone calls. Suu Kyi is not being held in the same complex as the lawmakers.

This turn of events in world politics began back in November of last year; with the military claiming that there was widespread fraud taking place in the election. With no real evidence of those claims; the government moved forward with business as usual; but the situation came to a head on a day when the new parliament was set to get to work.

Many world political leaders

Including President Joe Biden, have come out to denounce the takeover. In the past 10 years; western countries have removed sanctions placed on Myanmar after seeing the military take a step back; but this coup proves that the top generals in the country still have a voice in how things are operated. After the coup, the military announced that they were entering a year-long state of emergency. If it does indeed last that long, we may well see many nations decide to put sanctions back in place.

The National League for Democracy issued a statement on Tuesday asking that the leader; Suu Kyi; be reinstated as the head of the country and that the election results be officially recognized. That seems unlikely, though; as General Min Aung Hlaing has already been handed the reins of the country and a new cabinet put in place for the remainder of the year.

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