May 5, 2021


A building malfunction caused a significant tragedy in Mexico City. A Mexico City subway train overpass collapsed onto a busy road on Monday. The street was loaded with people, which is demonstrated by the number of casualties.

Twenty-seven people were killed an additional 60 people were injured. The proportion of people is relatively unknown, but children were included in the total.

How Could This Happen in Mexico City?

Subway cars were dangling from the overpass after the section collapsed onto the street in Mexico City. People were killed on the street and in subway cars. Rescue teams flocked to the scene on Monday to find survivors.

The incident has caused many people to ask how this could happen without any natural disasters. A subway overpass should never fall, but there was a flaw in the building and management process.

A support beam broke, which was the impetus for the destruction. The shaft collapsed when a subway passed over the section. The accident occurred at 10:30 PM local time on Line 12 near the Olivos Station.

The Rescue Team

There were 65 people who were injured in Mexico City and not pronounced dead at the scene after the initial search. Seven of these 65 people were in critical condition in the hospital by early Tuesday morning. As Tuesday morning unfolded, more people were rescued at the scene.

The list was updated to 79 people who had been taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. The government needs to credit the rescue teams that flooded the scene after the overpass was dismantled.

Four bodies in critical condition were rescued under the overpass. These people would have died if they were not discovered and immediately treated for their injuries. The teams used a crane to lift the subway car off the ground, which freed up room for rescues.

Even though the rescue teams saved lives, there are still families searching for their loved ones. The rescue teams are hard at work, but there are unidentified individuals from the accident.

One of these ladies is Gisela del Ocaso, 43, who has not heard any news about her husband from the accident. She spoke to Telemundo that she was looking for her husband, Miguel Angel Espinosa Flores.

Ocaso arrived 30 minutes after the accident but still has not found her spouse. She said, “I don’t know what to do. We are desperate. I have two children.”

Ongoing Investigation

Collapsing overpasses should never happen, and there will be an investigation after the rescue and cleanup efforts. The Mexico City Mayor and the President of Mexico were both outspoken about the investigation.

They both confirmed that they would get to the bottom of the breach as soon as possible. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador declared that he wants an investigation to begin as quickly as possible.

Six million people travel in Mexico City every day, so this accident has caused a lot of fear in the community. Mexico City is one of the largest commuter markets in the country, so the quicker an answer is given to the public, the faster people will return to public transportation.

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