Matt Gaetz Situation with the F B I

June 18, 2021

Matt Gaetz Situation with the FBI

Matt Gaetz is under investigation by the FBI, but he does not seem to care. The Republican Representative questioned the agency’s director while sitting in on a committee that oversees the FBI. Most legislators who were under investigation would probably choose to stay quiet. Although, Gaetz is not your typical legislator.

He questioned the FBI Director over the COVID-19 crisis that struck the nation. Unfortunately, nothing came out of his questioning besides multiple media sources blowing up the situation.

Matt Gaetz Investigation

The FBI is investigating Gaetz for being involved in a sex trafficking case. Gaetz was accused in March, and he has been very forward in stating his opinion on the situation. Gaetz has denied all accusations, and he has done so on national television.

The Representative claims that he is being framed, and it’s hard to question his confidence. He has not held back in claiming that the investigation is fraudulent. His comment to the FBI Director is another sign that he is not worried about being convicted in this situation.

The FBI investigation is not the only thing Gaetz is trying to deflect currently. Legislators have called for his removal, and the House Ethics Committee is also investigating the Florida Representative.

The committee is investigating Gaetz for possibly engaging in sexual misconduct or illicit drug use. There are reports that he has shared inappropriate videos and images on the House floor. Also, the committee is inspecting claims that he “misused state identification records, converted campaign funds to personal use.”

Republicans, who have stood up for their fellow party member, have declared that the committee is trying to add more controversy to Gaetz’s name to correspond with the FBI situation.

Gaetz Fires Back at the FBI

Matt Gaetz has convincingly denied all allegations. Whether he is guilty or not is unknown, but Gaetz thinks the case is ridiculous.

The Representative took his frustration out on FBI Director Christopher Wray. Gaetz wanted research done on the COVID-19 conspiracy theories that the FBI has denied. He also accused the Biden Administration and Dr. Anthony Fauci of covering up the beginnings of the virus.

Gaetz said, “I want to figure out what side the FBI is on.”

The legislator wanted to know the scientific analysis that the FBI has conducted. The agency has quickly dismissed the Wuhan lab escape theory, but Gaetz thinks it’s worth investigating. He accused the director of trying to “present to the world a fake genome sequence.”

In Gaetz’s mind and his fellow Republicans, it’s unacceptable that they are still demanding evidence from the FBI. The COVID-19 investigation began over a year ago, and the FBI has not done enough to get to the bottom of the virus.

If Gaetz were found guilty of sex trafficking, he would join fellow congressman Joe Greenberg who pleaded guilty to the same crime. He admitted to “minor to other adult men, who engaged in commercial sex acts.”

Investigators are trying to connect Gaetz to this case. Greenberg is cooperating as a witness to try to receive a smaller punishment in Gaetz’s case.

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