December 15, 2020


Trump in 2024: On Monday night, the Electoral College voted to confirm the results of the Presidential Election, confirming that Joe Biden will take office on Jan. 20 next year. That news should bring an end to the lawsuits and claims of fraud issued by President Trump and his supporters, although that remains to be seen.

In the days and weeks following election day, rumors have suggested that Trump is already considering taking a run for office in 2024. The number of votes he received in the 2020 election certainly proves that he still has a strong following, but would that be true four years from now?

A poll conducted by Fox News, which skews very much to the Republican side, suggests that the voting public is not on board with another Trump campaign. In fact, a certain percentage had some particularly harsh things to say about the outgoing President. Let’s take a closer look at the poll and the current political odds for 2024.

The Presidential Poll Numbers from Fox News

We have already mentioned that the majority of voters do not want to see Trump run again in 2024, but there was more to the poll than that, including a breakdown based on the party affiliation of those polled.

In the poll, 42% stated they believed Trump would go down as the worst President ever to hold office. Of that number, 69% of Democrats considered Trump the worst. Some thought that he would be regarded as the best, though, with 22% of Democrats and 44% of Republicans holding that belief.

As mentioned earlier, the numbers are skewed based on party affiliation. While 57% would rather not see Trump run again in 2024, a healthy 71% of registered Republican voters said they would be on board for the President taking another run at office.

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Political Futures*

2024 Presidential Election – Early Odds to WinOdds
Kamala Harris +500
Joe Biden+1000
Donald Trump+1000
Nikki Haley+1000
Mike Pence +1100

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