November 9, 2020


Latest Political News: Former President George W. Bush issued a statement congratulating Joe Biden for his win in last week’s presidential election. Trump continues to claim that the election was stolen and has refused to concede.

Some Republicans back Trump in his claims; but other Republicans are urging that Trump either put up proof or give up the fight. What can we expect to see when Trump finally moves on?

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Latest Political News: Post-Trump America?

The latest political news suggests that the divisions in the nation that Trump emphasized; and used to his advantage, remain after the election.

The social media platforms Twitter and Facebook have been joined by Parler; which advertises itself as free of regulations, which means that people can post whatever they want; and the posts will not be limited or removed for concerns of factuality.

We can see the differences between Biden and Trump’s approaches to governance from their responses to the weekend’s announcement that Biden has enough electoral votes to claim victory.

Biden has announced the formation of a 12-person task force to fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus; while Trump’s only steps have included holding a bizarre press conference in front of a landscape supply store and announcing plans to continue to hold campaign-style rallies.

The short answer to this question is that the divisions in the nation will remain open and raw.

So long as rumors of a stolen election swirl around the country; it will be difficult for people to find common ground. This is reminiscent of the anger that Andrew Jackson stirred up; when he lost in his first attempt to run for President; an election that ended up without a clear winner in the Electoral College and instead went to the House of Representatives for resolution.

Jackson’s loss caused him to complain about the raw deal he had received; and he rode that anger to wins in the next two elections. Given Trump’s age, it’s hard to see Trump running again in 2024. It will be interesting to see if the likes of Ted Cruz or Lindsey Graham; will try and ride that momentum to the White House in four years.

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