November 25, 2020


Trump Finally Conceding: On Monday, Emily Murphy, President Trump’s appointee as Administrator of the General Services Administration, announced that she had initiated the ascertainment process. This is bureaucrat-speak for saying that she recognized that Joe Biden was the likely President-elect and was freeing up the federal money allocated to assist with a smooth transition between presidential administrations.

Trump tweeted that he had recommended this move but still remains hopeful that his legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election will keep him in office. Is Trump finally conceding?

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Is Trump Finally Conceding the Election?

Latest political news reports still indicate that Trump is continuing to pursue a number of challenges to the election outcome, such as requesting a recount in Georgia after the audit that Georgia just performed on the election. President-elect Biden’s staff had already started working toward a transition, including introducing elements of his plan to reign in the COVID-19 pandemic and starting to list names of appointees to leadership positions.

The GSA oversees approximately $6.3 million in federal money to aid in the transition, money that was not available to Biden’s team until yesterday. It is unusual for the GSA to wait so long after an election to start the ascertainment process, but the contesting process in 2020 has been longer than in most elections as well. Now Biden has access to briefings that federal agencies provide as well as secure communication devices from the government.

Trump has remained somewhat muted on Twitter over the last week and a half, and while concession is not with us yet, the fact that the transition process has started may lend a sense of normalcy to the situation. One part of the aftermath of the election has been the propagation of claims of election fraud. In the courtroom, though, no evidence that has met the standards of judges (some Republican, some Democratic in political affiliation) has emerged that seems likely to change the election.

As states certify the election and move toward naming electors, the result seems more and more certain. In the wake of such an angry election season, the hope is that the nation will be able to move forward.

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