Justin Trudeau fails to win a majority

September 21, 2021

Justin Trudeau keeps his job, but his party fails to get a majority

Justin Trudeau did not get the result that he wanted. It was a big gamble, while he will remain Canada’s prime minister, Mr. Trudeau has failed to secure the majority he sought two years after the last election.

Trudeau’s Liberal Party is expected to win 158 seats, a number below the 170 required for a majority.

The Conservatives led by newcomer Erin O’Toole are projected to win 122 seats in the country’s multi-party parliament.

Justin Trudeau keeps his job, but his party fails to get a majority

The prime minister was betting on winning a majority six weeks ago when he called for a snap election. Canadians were not scheduled to vote before 2023.

However, caught in gridlock and with an opposition scrutinizing his every move, Trudeau called for an election and asked Canadians to give him a solid majority to enact his liberal vision, including a more significant focus on climate.

The liberal politician was slammed for his shameless attempt to consolidate power, and the election became the most expensive one in the country’s history with a $470-million price tag.

After six years as prime minister, Trudeau hoped voters would reward his leadership, especially with his star turn on the global stage.

However, he found some dissatisfaction on the left because his agenda was not radical enough, and Mr. O’Toole tried to claim some voters in the middle with a more centrist message.

The early vote changed very little in the political landscape compared to 2019. Trudeau’s party has gained one seat, and the main opposition is mainly stable, although, in some projections, they have lost two seats.

There will be some changes in the cabinet, but Trudeau will still face scrutiny over some of his more controversial moves. This is something he was trying to avoid.

Moreover, he will have to compose with the rise of small parties like Jagmeet Singh’s New Democrats (NDP), which campaigned on taxing the rich. Singh is expected to play a huge role in getting some of Trudeau’s priorities across the finish line.

COVID muddied Trudeau’s message

The pandemic was an important part of the campaign. It made voting lines longer, and Trudeau faced protests from right-wing activists who were resisting his vaccination plan.

Trudeau did not hide that he wanted to use vaccine mandates as a major issue to put the opposition in a corner, but a rise in COVID-19 cases made it hard for him to be truly convincing.

While most of the country is behind Trudeau regarding vaccine policies, hecklers and protesters followed him on the campaign trail. Some observers are wondering if the country is not more divided than before.

Justin Trudeau promises a progressive agenda as Erin O’Toole pushes change for his party

Despite the mixed results, Trudeau presented himself as a winner in front of his supporters and has promised to deliver for them.

O’Toole, who has not managed to broaden his party’s appeal, said the election was a waste of time and blamed the prime minister for failing to unite the country and heal the old wounds.

O’Toole is expected to continue as the leader of the Conservatives, and he urged his supporters not to be afraid of change.

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