July 8, 2021


A small vaccination percentage has caused the vaccine to remain deadly in India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi fired 12 members of his cabinet. The highest official that was removed from the cabinet was Health Minister Harsh Vardhan.

The prime minister is being scrutinized for the government’s handling of the pandemic. He took this criticism out on his health minister, who was the face of the pandemic battle in the nation. He was the Dr. Anthony Fauci equivalent in India. Additionally, Vardhan’s deputy was also asked to step down.

New Cabinet Members

Indian Prime Minister was under so much scrutiny that he had to remove health officials from his cabinet. This should take pressure off of Modi, but he needs to find a solution to the pandemic. Tons of people in India are dying every day because of the virus’ prevalence in the nation.

Modi appointed Mansukh Laxman Mandaviya to become the next Indian Health Minister. The prime minister did not want to fire his cabinet, but he had no choice after the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The spike in cases from April to June caused the country to decline in multiple areas. The healthcare system was overflown, which caused hospitals to run out of oxygens. COVID-19 infections caused crematoriums to be filled to capacity.

This forced many people in India to bury than loved ones in the riverbanks throughout the nation. When bodies were frequently floating down rivers in India, Modi began receiving criticism on an international level.

The putrid vaccine rollout caused the deaths. This is not slowing the wave of casualties throughout the nation. Last week, Indian surpassed 400,000 deaths from the virus, and most of the deaths were between April and June.

Criticism for the Indian Government

Nobody is happy with how the Indian government has handled the COVID-19 pandemic. Niranjan Sahoo, a senior fellow with the Observer Research Foundation, has been very outspoken against Modi.

He believes that the move to remove 12 cabinet members was a step in the right direction,

Sahoo said, “The government won’t admit to failure, but this is a way to ensure accountability. This is one way to send a message not only to the health ministry but others in the cabinet that performance matters.”

The new health minister will not have an easy time dealing with the virus. However, Modi is going all-in to improve the situation. He replaced 12 cabinet positions and added 43 new members to replace and add strength to the government.

This is the first time Modi has changed his cabinet since the beginning of his second term in 2019. It’s his fourth since becoming the prime minister in 2014.

The opposition leader P. Chidambaram used the removal as a way to attack his political opponent. He said, “here is a lesson for ministers in these resignations. If things go right, the credit will go to the Prime Minister. If things go wrong, the minister will be the fall guy.”

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