May 20, 2021


Mask mandates are being lifted throughout the United States, but the pandemic is getting worse in India. A recent spike in India due to relaxed health guidelines and a lack of vaccines has caused the country to suffer.

On Wednesday, India set the global record for COVID-19 deaths in a single day with 4,529. It’s believed that the country will continue to break this record because infections are still surging throughout the nation.

The developed areas in India have seemed to recover, but the rural parts of the country are still experiencing a growing infection rate.

Deaths in the Nation

The Indian Health Ministry shamefully reported that the country sadly 4,500 deaths on Wednesday. The fatality list continues to grow, and it now sits at 283,248. The total will likely surpass 300,000 shortly.

This is because the Health Ministry also reported that there were 267,334 new cases in the country. Daily cases are remaining below 300,000, which is a positive, but people are skeptical.

The number of cases is inevitably being underreported. Due to India’s vast landscape and underdeveloped areas, people die from the virus without health officials having the slightest clue.

The United States held the previous single-day death record with 4,475 fatalities which was set on January 12th. India has a confirmed 25 million cases, but the United States still holds the overall record.

There have been 33.7 million cases in America, but India has a chance of surpassing this number if their vaccine rollout does not become more efficient.

Is the Surge Slowing in India?

Health experts have stated that the COVID-19 spike is slowing in India. Although, this may only be the case in developed areas of the nation where people have access to healthcare. The rural lands of India are what health officials must neutralize for the pandemic to turn the corner.

Also, health experts’ statements have seemed empty because deaths are still rising, and there is barely a hospital bed available.

The improvements have been in the cities like Mumbai and New Delhi, but this is a small indicator of how the country is doing as a whole. The state that has been devastated in India is Uttar Pradesh. It’s the most populous state in the nation, and there are still 136,000 active infections.

Government officials have ventured to 90,000 villages throughout the country. A COVID-19 case has been revealed in 21,000 of these areas, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Every health official in the country has not denied that the virus is hard to gauge because of the size of the country and the rural areas that still need to be visited.

The national story is dependent on all the rural areas that have not been visited. There is still a lot of work that needs to be accomplished to get accurate data. The number of administered vaccine doses has fallen from a high of four million to two million in the past month. This fact shows that there is still a long way to go before COVID-19 is under control in India.

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