February 18, 2021


Himalayan Glacier: On Sunday, a portion of a Himalayan glacier broke off in the Tapovan area of northern India, which devastated the surrounding communities. The glacier sent water and debris down the mountain into the state of Uttarakhand, India.

Many people died, and there are even more citizens missing from the natural disaster.

Rescue Team Deployed

Hundreds of rescue workers have been sent to Uttarakhand, India, to find people following the Himalayan glacier destruction. The flood from the glacier took 31 livesand has caused 165 people to go missing.

A large number of these 165 people have likely perished from the flood.

Rescue teams have been hard at work trying to locate these 165 people during the flood recovery process. The main area where these rescue workers have been deployed is a tunnel at a hydroelectric powerplant.

Nearly 40 workers from the powerplant have not returned since the flood occurred. This has been a problematic area to maneuver following the destruction from the glacier.

Search teams are using machine excavators to remove debris. They haven’t had any luck, which has led many people to believe that these workers will not be found alive.

Himalayan Glacier: The Devastation of the Flood

The Himalayan glacier broke off near the Nanda Devi mountain area, causing the flood. Rescue teams are deployed while scientists have ventured to the mountain to research the break’s possible causes.

Many believe climate change played a significant role in the glacier break. Warming temperatures are causing glaciers to shrink. This shrinkage has made them more susceptible to release.

The water caused boulders and other debris tofly down the mountain, wreaking havoc on the villages. The flood broke dams, destroyed bridges, and wiped away the countryside. Additionally, the mass amount of water engulfed the entire power plant.

Village residents saw the water rushing down the mountain walls and immediatelybegan to evacuate the area. The village members who were lucky enough to leave the region have lost their homes because of the water damage.

Hard To Reach

The Indian government has been trying to utilize the nation’s water bodies asa source of power. In the power plant area, the mud has caused a barrier to form in the plant. Workers who are believed to be inside the plant are hard to get to because of the mud.

The rescue teams’ leaders do not know how long it will take to break through the mud wall. They hope that workers will still be alive when they finally break through the blockage. Rescuers are putting their lives on the line to help find the powerplant workers.

This area of the Himalayan mountain region is known for natural disasters. In 2013, a heavy monsoon killed over 6,000 people because of intense flooding in the region’s low-lying areas.

The glacier break has not caused this much damage. However, it will still bean extensive recovery process before the site is fully excavated.

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