June 14, 2021


Israel and Hamas have battled over the Gaza Strip throughout the summer, and it has caused a lot of tension between the two sides. Israel and Hamas have agreed to a cease-fire. However, the two sides have not forgotten the weeks of fighting that caused many people to die.

Israel recently appointed a new prime minister Naftali Bennett. Hamas quickly responded by selecting a new prime minister for the Gaza Strip. Hamas announced that Issam al-Da’alis was the new prime minister on Sunday.

al-Da’alis succeeded Dr. Mohammed Awad. Awad resigned after two years on the job. It’s unknown why Awad resigned from the position, but the fighting in the area likely stimulated his decision.

Handover Ceremony

A traditional handover ceremony occurs when a new prime minister takes office in the Gaza Strip. This ceremony occurred on Sunday, and it came shortly after an announcement from Egypt.

Egypt canceled a meeting of Palestinian factions in Cairo to discuss creating a unity government in the nation. The new prime minister announcement is going to cause tension between Palestine and Hamas.

Hamas is a Palestinian Sunni Islamic militant and nationalist organization. The group operates in the Gaza Strip, so they believe they control the area. This is why they have taken over the prime minister position for the strip. This decision went against the wishes of the Palestinian government.

The authority in Palestine has expressed their desire for the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip not to continue. Although, the new appointment shows that the group has no interest in conforming.

Hamas Creates the De Facto Government

The de facto government in the Gaza Strip began in 2017. Hamas created a committee to remove themselves from the Palestinian Authority before canceling the plans to reconcile. Although, the reconciliation did not go as planned for the two sides.

The Palestinian Authority enacted multiple constrictions on Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which angered the group. They wanted to undermine Hamas, so they had no chance of splitting from Palestine.

Hamas issued a statement saying al-Da’alis was approved by the Palestinian parliament, specifically the Palestinian Legislative Committee (PLC). The PLC was formed in 2006, and it consists of 132 seats.

Hamas started controlling the area heavily in 2007, which led to them paralyzing the PLC. However, in the Gaza Strip, PLC members have tried to hold their own meetings not to be disturbed by Hamas.

al-Da’alis was elected earlier this year as a member of the Hamas politburo. He was the head of the information department and also served as an adviser to Ismail Haniyeh. Haniyeh, who is based in Qatar, is the leader of Hamas.

When Hamas won the 2006 parliamentary election, Haniyeh became the prime minister. He established a unity government with the Palestinian Authority, but this was quickly destroyed.

After Hamas took over the Gaza Strip in 2007, the Palestinian Authority dismissed the unity government. There is a lot of tension between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. This move by Hamas will likely cause more chaos in the region.

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